Calf Implants for Men

Calf Implants

What Are Calf Implants?

Male calf implants are a fantastic way to increase the mass, definition, and proportionality of your calf muscles. These muscles are often difficult to develop naturally, and calf implants offer a great solution. In order to even out the physique between the upper and lower body, implants are custom designed for each individual patient in order to fit his body size. Calf implants can be the ultimate solution for men who want to increase calf size, symmetry and overall confidence in their body.

can you get calf implants?How Is Calf Implant Surgery Performed?

The process of getting calf implants involves a relatively simple procedure. After a small incision is made behind the knee, customized implants, made of soft silicone material, are inserted into the leg. It may also be possible to avoid the use of artificial material altogether; the patient’s own fat can sometimes be used as a substitute for siliconw. During surgery, the initial incision is made, and the calf implant is placed behind the fascia, immediately under the skin and in front of the posterior muscles of the calves.

What Can I Expect During My Calf Implant Recovery?

Upon completion of the calf implant procedure, the patient’s legs will be sore, though he will be encouraged to walk with assistance. Unassisted walking, driving and low-stress leg activities are all possible within three to five days after calf implant surgery. In three to four weeks after surgery, the patient may return to regular gym workouts (including calf and leg exercises).

Who Is A Good Candidate for Calf Implants?

Calf implants are a great solution for men seeking an aesthetic enhancement to their lower body, especially if natural development of calf muscles has reached a plateau. If you are seeking to emphasize the bulk of your calf, increase definition or achieve higher levels of muscular symmetry, calf implants may be a good option.

Calf implants may also be implemented to correct lower leg defects. Defects that have resulted from disease, injury or preexisting birth conditions may be correctable with calf implants.

male calf implants surgery

Male calf implant surgery by Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech

View more before and after photos of patients who had calf implants surgery.

When Should You Consider Calf Implants

Male patients who consider calf implants:

  • Seek to emphasize the bulk of the calf muscle
  • Desire a lower leg more anatomically proportionate to your thigh (usually women)
  • If you are a male bodybuilder and you’ve reached the plateau of calf development with exercise, but you’re not satisfied with the definition of your lower leg
  • If wish to correct lower leg defects resulting from injury; disease, such as polio; or from birth conditions

Treatment Cost & Consultation

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