Gluteal Enhancement for Men

Male Gluteal Augmentation and Buttock Implants

A male patient who is considering reshaping their buttocks should look into gluteal augmentation, which is a procedure for men. A buttock implant allows for fuller buttocks; offering a more balanced profile by making up for a deficit of fat deposit. Buttock augmentation can be achieved with injections of the patient’s body fat or with silicone implants.

Bodybuilders commonly choose gluteal augmentation as they are unable to develop gluteal muscles naturally that proportion with the rest of their body.

Cosmetic surgery, specifically the use of Gluteal implants, is an option that patients are using to add size and shape to their physique when the traditional methods of weightlifting, exercise, and diet do not or cannot produce the desired results. People are turning to the use of specially designed implants to achieve shape and definition when genetics or other conditions prevent them from attaining the physical appearance they desire. Listed as Forbes’ go-to surgeon for men, Dr. Steinbrech specializes in gluteal augmentation for men.

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Fat Transfer Gluteal Augmentation for Men

For more efficient filler and natural-looking results, fat injections are a common way to achieve more volume.

Fat transfers such as Bodybanking require needle injections into the area requiring a volume enhancement. This procedure is a two-part process; first requiring the liposuction of a zone to collect the fat. Second, it is then transferred as an injection to the desired region. Fat transfer involves harvesting the fat from one area of the body to be washed and purified before being injected into the coveted area. Using one’s own body fat for gluteal enhancement is secure, durable, and offers natural-looking results.

Male Lipo Suction with Body Banking Before and AfterGluteal Implants for Men

Buttock implants are unique in size and shape to be custom chosen by a specially trained member in a clinic for your desired result. Silicone implants provide the right natural consequence and feel. The silicone implant is placed in the ideal position for the satisfaction of the patient,  providing a fuller gluteal region that is stable unless removed. The surgical gluteal implant procedure requires general anesthesia and the time in surgery is two hours. All incisions are made in the best possible areas of the buttocks for marks unseen. In some cases, male patients may elect to get both fat transfer and a gluteal implant.

Male Gluteal (Buttock) Implants with Body Banking Before and AfterWho Is a Candidate for Gluteal Augmentation?

A decision for the size and shape of the implants is solely chosen based on the individual’s desires. Buttock implants are very soft, SOLID SILICONE implants and are completely unlike breast implants, which are soft, FLUID-FILLED sacks.

If you are in average physical condition along with good health, then you are a candidate for buttock implant (augmentation) surgery. Men of all shapes and sizes consider gluteal implants for self-confidence within themselves.

Gluteal Enhancement Procedure

Buttock implant surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour to perform. If liposuction is being done, then it may take an additional half-hour. You must be placed face down for the operation. A 5 to 6 cm (about ¼ inch) vertical incision made in the well-hidden buttock center crease, the sacrum. The dissection continues on either side of the sacrum until the buttock muscle has reached. At this point, the tissue is incised, and with careful dissection, a pocket created for the implant within the muscle. Surprisingly, there is very limited bleeding. The implants are inserted into the newly created pockets, and the muscle closed over the implants. The midline incision is then closed in layers. Liposuction is to be performed through isolated incisions.

The Recovery Process for Gluteal Augmentation

After gluteal augmentation or butt implants, you can expect to avoid sitting down or lying on your back for up to three weeks post-procedure. Special compression garments are given to reduce swelling. Swelling post procedure is normal as is some bruising or discomfort. However, male patients typically return to work two-three weeks after buttock implants and gluteal augmentation when swelling will cease completely after six weeks.

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