Calf Implants for Men

Male Calf Implants  

Calf implants

Calf implants can produce strong legs that are sexy when you can’t achieve it through exercise alone.  Believe it or not, quite a few men find it hard to grow their calf muscles even when working out for hours. This procedure is an excellent option for guys who can’t seem to get the definition and muscle mass they desire.

What Are Calf Implants?

Calf implants are made of a pliable and soft silicone material that mimics the feel of human muscle. During the consultation, Dr. Steinbrech selects every implant to fit the patient’s desired result. The procedure is simple: a small incision is made right behind the knee, and the implants are inserted.

Look at Dr. Steinbrech’s Before and After Photos of Calf Implants Patients.

How Is Calf Implant Surgery Performed?

This is a simple procedure. A small incision will be made behind the knee, and the selected calf implant will be inserted right behind the fascia (muscle) under the skin, near the back muscles of the calves. Not a fan of silicone? You can also get a fat transfer. In this case, Dr. Steinbrech will use the patient’s fat to boost the size of the calf muscles. This option ensures that nothing artificial has to be added.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Calf Implants?

Not all Chicago men who want calf implants can get them. The ideal patient should:

  • Want to emphasize the size of their calf muscles subtly
  • Want a lower leg that’s more anatomically proportional to your chest
  • Possibly wish to correct lower leg defects resulting from injury or illness from congenital conditions
  • Male bodybuilders have already reached the maximum potential of calf development with exercise but remain unsatisfied with the size or definition of the lower leg.

Benefits of Calf Implant Surgery for Men

There are plenty of benefits to consider. Your legs will look better, and your body will look more proportional. Calf implants in Chicago are often used for reconstructive surgery to help men improve the appearance of deformities from accidents, illnesses, or birth defects.

If you are a man who wants to improve your calves and exercise isn’t cutting it, calf implants might be your best bet.

Results of Calf Implants

With calf implant surgery, the results are permanent. However, you will have to keep an eye out for complications. As a precaution, the patient may need to schedule a return visit to Dr. Steinbrech’s office for an evaluation if any changes in the calf implants occur. With calf implants, you should never hesitate to call your surgeon if you have questions.

Calf implants are a relatively risky surgery that should only be performed by a certified plastic surgeon you trust. Not choosing the right doctor can increase the risks associated with the surgery.

Recovery Time of Calf Implant Surgery

Once your surgery is completed, you should expect your legs to be sore. Typically, your doctor will encourage you to walk with assistance as soon as possible. Most male patients can drive, walk, and start low-impact leg activities around three to five days post-operation. Patients can return to regular gym workouts, including leg exercises, in the next three to four weeks.


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