Calf Implants for Men LA

When you’re at the gym, it’s very rare to see muscle develop evenly throughout the body. For some men, they may end up with broad shoulders, but scrawny lower legs. This “chicken leg” look is not attractive and can even be a cause for embarrassment in some men. Weak calves are not a good thing, but thankfully, there’s now a way to get beefier legs when the gym stops working. Dr. Steinbrech is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been proudly offering calf implants for men around the world, for years. He can help you get the more proportional, stronger-looking body that you’ve always wanted.

Are Calf Implants for Men an Option for Me?

Calf implants are a relatively risky procedure, so it’s important to be as close to the ideal candidate as possible. The ideal patient for a calf implant is a man who:

  • Has maxed out his calf size at the gym, and still isn’t satisfied with the result
  • Wants a more proportional lower leg to the rest of his body
  • Is in overall decent health
  • May have a deformity from an injury or accident that requires calf implants to correct
  • Is realistic about his expectations

Risks with calf implants include infection, scarring, and damage to the underlying tissues. Working with a qualified surgeon can reduce, but not completely eliminate, the chances of you having complications due to plastic surgery.

How Calf Implants Are Done

Because calf implants need individualized care in order to look natural, Dr. Steinbrech will personally choose your implant during your consultation. During the surgery, an incision is made behind the knee, and the implant is carefully placed right underneath your fascia. Your natural muscles will act as a pocket to hold the implant in place.

Results and Recovery

Getting calf implants for men will require some downtime and observation from Dr. Steinbrech. Male patients are strongly encouraged to walk with assistance as soon as they can – often, within two days of surgery. Most light leg activities can be resumed within three to five days. After 21 days, you will be able to hit the gym once more.

Get Calf Implants for Men

Dr. Steinbrech’s office is one of the best places to go when you want calf implants for men. To book your no-obligation consult or get more information, call our office today.



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