Facial Fat Injections

Facial Fat Injections What Are Facial Fat Injections?

Facial fat injections are sometimes called fat transfers or fat grafts. They are minimally invasive procedures where fat is taken from a part of the body where it is prevalent and placed in the face in locations where fat has been lost. They can last between several months to two years and even be permanent.  This self-developed procedure minimizes the number of fat cells lost, preventing disproportionate weight gain after the procedure. Facial fat injections for men are proven to produce a natural-looking result. The Male Plastic Surgery team often uses the BodyBanking® procedure when performing facial fat injections in men (though this is much more common for body fat injections in men).

Fat cells can be added for fullness:

  • In the cheeks
  • Under the eyes
  • In the lips
  • To reduce wrinkles

How Are Facial Fat Injections Performed on Men?

Facial fat injections are brief, sometimes taking as little as 30 minutes. The fat is removed from the donor area via a syringe and placed into a centrifuge. This centrifuge cleanses the fat, removing any impurities. After being removed from the centrifuge, the fat is injected into the desired areas multiple times quickly. It can be best compared to a sewing machine. This motion forms an array of skin threads that merge with the surrounding skin. Ultimately, your surgeon will use your fat to enhance facial fullness, fill deep creases, and rebuild shallow contours – without surgery or dermal fillers.

Facial fat injections are often done simply with a local anesthetic without going under for surgery. However, full sedation may be necessary if the fat being transferred is large enough. Fat injections can also be an efficient way for men to reduce wrinkles, diminish acne scarring, and reclaim a more youthful appearance.

how does facial fat transfer work

Preparation for Facial Fat Injections

Very little preparation is needed for facial fat transfer, but be aware that smoking must be avoided leading up to and post-procedure for a few weeks.

Fat injections are more extensive procedures than dermal fillers, as liposuction techniques are involved. These techniques extract the fat before injection. Although fat injections in the face are a non-surgical procedure, they are often coupled with local anesthesia. Due to the liposuction, facial fat injections may also require local anesthesia with sedation.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Facial Fat Injections?

Good candidates for facial fat injection recipients include physically healthy men, men with mild or moderate facial aging, and men who generally desire a noninvasive procedure to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Consistently solid physical health is a frequent necessity with plastic surgery, but it is vital with facial fat injections. Plastic surgeons will often require an appointment where they can examine the donor area for transferable, healthy fat cells. Between this appointment and the procedure, you’ll likely be asked to maintain a consistent weight; otherwise, the surgeon may have to find a new area.

When compared to facial fillers, facial fat injections are the safer option, with fewer side effects and no need for chemicals.

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A Fat Injection Is a Good Option if You:

  • Desire large volume enhancements
  • Have a mild amount of facial aging
  • Are seeking a natural approach to facial contouring
  • Have realistic goals for your facial appearance

What Can I Expect During My Fat Injection Recovery?

After a facial fat injection, there is no need to take too many days off of work. Patients can get back to everyday activities shortly afterward. It generally depends on how much fat was removed from the transfer spot. Ask your surgeon how long they recommend being out of commission. The affected areas will likely be red and bruised for weeks. If this happens, some foundation and concealer will easily hide the bruised area. Prolonged exposure to the sun is dissuaded while healing.

Keep in mind that while healing, results may appear to be better than the final product. The body absorbs fat cells, so the amount of fat injected into the site will always be more than the desired amount. Over time, as the area heals and merges with the surrounding skin, any prominences formed by the injections will decrease slightly.

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