High Definition Liposculpting

Hi Def Liposculpting

Hi-def liposuction

High-definition liposculpting is a procedure that removes stubborn fat, revealing your body’s natural muscles. This procedure is typically most useful in strategically targeting the abdomen or abs. Results generally complement the natural contours of the body. Sometimes, genetics won’t allow you to lose body fat, no matter how much you work out or diet. Even if you work out frequently, your body fat may not thoroughly burn off. If this is you, your best bet may be high-definition liposculpting.

What Is High-Definition Liposculpting?

Liposculpting is similar to liposuction, which removes fat to create a sleeker and more defined body. However, liposculpting focuses more on select pockets of fat instead of a general area. Instead of simply removing fat, liposculpting moves the fat around. This creates a body that takes better advantage of your natural muscles and stature. High-definition liposculpting is a newer technique that uses the VASER method. This procedure, which stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, uses sound waves to liquefy fat, which can then be redistributed to the desired areas.

High Defi Liposculpting

How is High Definition Liposculpting Performed on Men?

Before liposculpting, a pre-operation evaluation is necessary. Your doctor will sit with you to see if you’re an ideal candidate. During your consult, your surgeon will listen to which area of the abdomen you’d like to target and evaluate your health. Liposculpting procedures take one to five hours and are completed under a general anesthetic. The procedure begins with a micro-incision in the desired area. A small probe is inserted into the incision, after which ultrasonic sound waves resonate from the probe and through the body. The waves shatter and liquefy the cell membranes surrounding fat cells, releasing the fat. The fat is then suctioned up through a small tube. The sound waves will not damage any other cells.

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High High-definition liposculpting with Fat Transfer (BodyBanking®)

This fat is then injected elsewhere in the body, adding volume to areas desired to create a more athletic and contoured appearance. This can be done with Alpha Male Plastic Surgery’s trademarked fat transfer procedure, BodyBanking®. Selective fat transfer combined with high definition liposculpting can not only remove fat from undesired areas, it can also add it back to desirable regions to create the body you’ve also envisioned.

High Definition Liposculpting Who Is a Good Candidate For High Definition Liposculpting?

You’re a fantastic candidate for high-definition liposculpting if you are typically physically and mentally fit, with firm skin and solid muscle tone. You have a positive outlook on life and your body’s future; you do not smoke. You’ve tried your best to create the body you want through dieting and frequent visits to the gym. Perhaps most importantly, you must have a realistic desired body in mind and have tried your best to achieve it. Liposculpting is typically ideal for men in their 30s and 40s (but can be done at any age if they meet the body requirements).

Expectations of Liposculpting On Men

It takes about four weeks to recover from a high-definition liposculpting. You may need to use compression garments and antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. However, you’ll likely be able to get back to work within a few days of the procedure. You’ll have to take it easy and avoid strenuous activity and heavy exercise for about a month. As long as you do not lose or gain a substantial amount of weight, the results of liposculpting should be permanent.

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