Fat Injections (Body)

What Are Body Fat Injections?

Body fat injections are simple, minimally invasive procedures in which fat is removed from one area of the body and placed in another. This procedure can also be called a fat graft or fat transfer. The goal of a body fat injection is straightforward; it serves to add volume and contour areas of the body vital for men. The procedure can target the buttocks, calves, hips, abdomen, and more to give the body a more symmetrical look.

Dr. Steinbrech’s self-developed BodyBanking® fat transfer procedure minimizes the fat cells lost during the procedure, preventing disproportionate weight gain and providing a natural-looking result.

How Are Body Fat Injections Performed on Men?

Fortunately, body fat injections are a brief and minimally invasive procedure. Fat is removed from the donor area, cleansed of impurities via a centrifuge, and injected into the desired area, whether it be the chest, shoulders, or abdomen. Both removal and injection are completed using a needle.

Body fat grafting

Dr. Steinbrech will provide general anesthesia (or, less commonly, IV sedation) to minimize discomfort during the operation. Sedation is more likely to be the desirable option for larger injections, but general anesthesia is usually sufficient.

Following the procedure, your body will look more sculpted and toned.

Preparation for Body Fat Injections

Because body fat injections are such a straightforward procedure, little preparation is necessary on the patient’s side.

However, Dr. Steinbrech will provide certain preoperative instructions. These include ceasing smoking six to eight weeks before surgery, as smoking may prevent postoperative healing and contribute to scarring. Certain medications should be avoided, as specified by Dr. Steinbrech. As in any operation, hydration is also key, and you should prepare to have someone drive you home after the fat injection is completed.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Body Fat Injections?

Men who have areas of the body lacking in volume or contributing to overall aesthetic asymmetry may be good candidates for Dr. Steinbrech’s body fat injection treatment.

Good physical health is also an essential factor before undergoing body fat injections. During your preoperative consultation, Dr. Steinbrech’s team will examine you, looking for areas of your body that contain healthy and transferrable fat cells. For this reason, the areas from which fat is removed differ from patient to patient.

body fat grating

If you are a man in good physical health and desire a more youthful, symmetrical body appearance, body fat injections may be the solution for you.

A Body Fat Injection Is a Good Option If You:

  • Wish to contour and improve the appearance of your body
  • Have specific areas of the body to which you wish to add volume
  • Have reached the limits of shaping your body by working out
  • Are a man in good physical health

What Can I Expect From My Body Fat Injection Recovery?

Because body fat injections are less invasive than other surgical procedures, most patients can return to work after about a week of recovery. After the anesthesia wears off, you may experience mild pain or discomfort in the injection area. Bruising or swelling may also occur. The exact recovery time is contingent upon the size and location of the injection, however, so be sure to ask Dr. Steinbrech what you should expect.

Treatment Cost and Consultation

Because body fat injections for men are highly individualized, costs can vary from patient to patient. Forbes calls Dr. Steinbrech “the go-to surgeon for men.” Book your consult with us in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles today.

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