Shoulder Implants (deltoid augmentation)

Shoulder implants (deltoid augmentation)

Shoulder (Deltoid) implants is a procedure for men that want to increase muscle mass and definition to the shoulder area. Deltoid Implants can also be used for reconstruction of the shoulder caused by trauma or injury as well as deformities. A specially trained member of the Male Plastic Surgery Network will offer customizable implants for each man for a perfect fit.


Ideal candidates for shoulder implants are men that want to add more muscle mass and definition in their upper arm. Not all men are fortunate enough to have good genetics where they can easily develop definition working out at the gym with not much effort. Other men can spend hours at the gym working on their shoulders with disappointing results.


Shoulder implants are customized for each patient; they are made of solid, soft silicone. A specially trained member of the Male Plastic Surgery Network will make an incision into the deltoid muscle area. The surgeon will then create a pocket to place the implants in. The incisions are closed with sutures for healing.


After shoulder implants surgery the recovery time may take up to a month to heal. Some patients may have difficulty raising their arms after the surgery. Patients should know this is normal and will disappear within a month as the implant adjusts to the existing deltoid muscle. Male patients may return to their regular workouts within weeks or as advised by their surgeon. However, full healing of shoulder augmentation procedure will generally take about six months.


During your shoulder implants consultation, the surgeon will evaluate if you are a good candidate for this procedure. To schedule your shoulder implants consultation or to receive additional information, please contact a specially trained member of the Male Plastic Surgery Network today.


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