Buccal Fat Removal For Men

What Is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal Fat Removal is a minimally invasive surgery that eliminates excess buccal fat (fat pads) in the cheeks. This procedure is ideal for men with round faces who lack definition or want to slim the area permanently. By removing excess buccal fat, patients experience a less whole appearance in the lower portion of the face. This procedure aims to enhance the prominence of the jawline and cheekbones and create more defined facial contours.

Buccal Fat removel left side before and after

How is it Performed?

The entire procedure is performed inside the mouth and only takes 30 to 60 minutes. First, local anesthesia is administered to numb the area. A small incision is made, and board-certified surgeon Dr. Steinbrech gently removes the buccal fat pads. Once removed, the incisions are sutured closed with dissolvable stitches. For men, other cosmetic facial procedures can be done simultaneously, such as Buccal Fat Removal.

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It improves:

  • Cheek definition
  • Facial contour
  • Facial structure and appearance
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem

Many men choose this surgery because it is quick and easy, leaves no visible scarring, and requires minimal downtime.

Before and after front view of Buccal Fat removel

Who Is A Good Candidate For Buccal Fat Removal?

It is not recommended for men with a thin or narrow face, as it can lead to a worn appearance with age. This procedure best suits men with excessive fullness in the lower cheek area, a round face, chubby cheeks, or “chipmunk cheeks.” During the initial consultation, Dr. Steinbrech will determine if buccal fat removal is proper for you.

The best age to undergo the surgery can vary according to the patient. Typically, this procedure is not recommended to men whose faces have not fully developed.  A fully developed face helps Dr. Steinbrech determine the right amount of fat to remove. Overall, this surgery is designed to achieve a more sculpted facial appearance.

Before and after right view of Buccal Fat removel   -  Buccal Fat Removal Recovery Time

This surgery requires minimal recovery time. Patients expect to see results three months post-operation, with swelling most evident during the first week. After one day of rest, patients can return to their daily activities and diet. Antibiotics are also given to the patients to help the healing process, along with a prescribed mouthwash to avoid infection. Patients can receive pain medication if they experience any discomfort.

Treatment & Consultation

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