Upper and Lower Eye Lift for Men

What Is An Eye Lift?

The upper and lower eye lift for men (or Blepharoplasty) is a surgical procedure that consists of removing excess skin from the upper eyelids. Male eye lifts also reduce the bagginess of the lower eyelids. This gives the patient’s eyes and faces a more youthful appearance. An eye lift can not only eliminate the signs of aging but can also improve the vision of older individuals. Hooded or sagging eyelids can also interfere and be detrimental to a man’s vision. The Male Plastic Surgery group specializes in performing both upper and lower eye lift procedures for men. Our surgeons have helped men achieve their ideal results over the last decade.

eye lift for men

How Is An Eye Lift Performed?

There are two different types of eye lift surgeries: upper eye lift and lower eye lift. While both of these surgeries involve the removal of excess skin, they are done in two different parts of your eyes. You also have the option to get just one part of the eye lifted, or both parts depending on the results you want.

Upper Eye-lift

Having excess skin and fat on the upper eyelid can lead to the eyelid feeling heavy, being puffy, and can give you an aged appearance. This can also block vision at times. The process of performing an upper eye lift surgery consists of making micro-incisions precisely on the pleats of your eyelid. Before beginning the procedure, the doctor will first use local anesthesia or IV sedation of course. Next, Dr. Steinbrech will safely separate the skin from the underlying tissues in that area. This removes the excess fat and skin. Next, the surgeon will close the cuts by making some small stitches in the upper lid that will stay for about 3-6 days.

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Lower Eye-lift

Getting a lower eye lift surgery allows you to reduce wrinkles and improve the shape of the lower eyelid since the excess fat and skin have been removed from that area. Additionally, some people also choose to add fat to the under eyes to combat a hollowed appearance. There can be several methods through which lower eye lift surgeries can be done. One such procedure is called a transconjunctival approach. It involved making small incisions below the lash line or on the inside of the lower eyelid. The cuts and incisions that are made in this procedure are usually not visible and don’t require stitches. Some people also combine this eye lift surgery with laser resurfacing of the undereye area. This further reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Eye Lift Surgery 

The eyes are one of the first and most common areas that give off signs of aging. Therefore, anyone who has had their eyes subjected to aging and desires to get rid of that can be a good candidate for eye lift surgery. In addition, men with excess fat and puffiness on the upper eyelids, sagging or loose skin on the eyelid folds, or droopy eyelids can further benefit majorly from this surgery. Under-eye bags are also a common issue that can be fixed with this surgery.  Male candidates who desire a tighter facial appearance in the eyelid region make for a good candidate.

Male Upper and Lower Eye lift Surgery Before and AfterMale Eye Lift Recovery Time

One of the common visual side effects of this surgery would be swelling of the eyelids which can be dealt with cold and warm compresses. In some cases, mild discomfort might also occur in the area of the surgery since the eyes do tend to be a sensitive location, especially for surgery. However, this kind of pain and discomfort is only temporary and people rarely need to take medicine for it. The overall recovery process might take up to a few weeks. Patients can return to doing their daily life activities once the swelling is gone. If you wear contact lenses, you should also do that after the swelling has gone down.

Eye-lift Consultation For Men

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