Ab Implants For Men (Silicone 6-pack®)

It’s no secret that most men find it challenging to define or cut fat out of their midsection. o matter how disciplined you may be with your gym regimen, some men find themselves at a standstill that no amount of sit-ups, crunches, and even diet can help them to achieve their ultimate goals and progress. A procedure that enables you to be able to have the defined abs you have been desiring. Unfortunately, genetics sometimes work against us, however, Alpha Male Plastic Surgery provides the latest in male ab implants with the Silicone 6-pack®.

ab implants for menWhat Are Ab Implants?

Ab implant surgery is an alternative to procedures such as liposuction using silicone implants in the abdominal region. While liposuction and ab etching are certainly useful in defining a man’s midsection, muscular genetic limitations can often be a culprit of undefined abs even at a low body fat percentage. Enhancing the abs with silicone implants takes toned abs a step further than abdominal etching and contouring by placing the implants in the desired region. Best of all, the Silicone 6-pack® is completely scar-free.

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How Can You Get Six-Pack Implants?

Six to eight individual implants placed in the abdominal area allow for small, micro-incisions. The implants are soft, flexible and made to move with your body – mimicking the look and feel of real muscle. The surgery overall offers a more natural look and still enables you to continue with your activity. Six-pack implants are often coupled with a tummy tuck so that your surgeon can gain better access to the muscles in the midsection to insert the implants. Both require anesthesia.

How Long Do Ab Implants Last and What’s the Recovery Like?

Ab implants are permanent surgery but in some cases last about 10 to 20 years. Bruising, swelling and temporary aches may occur following the procedure. In most cases, the side effects will subside in about a week. Patients can begin activity two to three days following surgery. Heavier exercise, such as gym workouts with weights can begin after four to six weeks.

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