Male Buttocks (Gluteal) Implants

Men who are looking to enlarge or re-shape their gluteal, buttocks area are the perfect candidates for Gluteal Implants. Buttock implants allow men to achieve fuller, shapelier buttocks for balanced proportions. Buttocks augmentation can be achieved with silicone implants or the patient’s own body fat injections.

Body-builders usually seek gluteal augmentation when their buttocks area is not in proportion with the rest of their body. However, many other men of all shapes and sizes seek gluteal implants to boost their self-confidence and to achieve a fuller, youthful looking buttocks.

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Before and after photos of buttocks augmentation

View before and after photos of male patients who had buttock (gluteal) implants surgery performed by a specially trained member of the Male Plastic Surgery Network. Click on each image to view the larger photo.

Buttock Implants for men

Buttock implants are unique for every patient in size and shape, to best achieve their desired result.

Silicone implants provide a natural feel and result. The surgeon will place the silicone implant in the ideal position for comfort and a great aesthetic outcome, that will provide a fuller gluteal region that is permanent unless removed.

The surgical buttock implants procedure requires general anesthesia and the approximate time of this surgery is two hours. A specially trained member of the Male Plastic Surgery Network places the incisions in the best possible areas of the buttocks for minimally visible marks.

The recovery process for buttock implants

After buttocks implants surgery you will be instructed to avoid sitting down, lying on your back, and going to the gym for up to three weeks post procedure. Some swelling around the butt area post surgery is normal as well as some discomfort or bruising. However, most male patients can typically return to work two-three weeks after buttock implants and gluteal augmentation. Swelling will cease entirely after six weeks.

For more information about Buttock Implants for men, please contact a specially trained member of the Male Plastic Surgery Network to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.