6 Pack Abs for Men

Male pec Implant surgery

6-pack abs implants enhance a man’s abdominal area to look like an Adonis. When you say “gladiator abs,” you might think of ancient Rome or even the movie Gladiator, when gladiators were the ultimate manly men and had the physiques to match. Dr. Steinbrech channels that look with his trademark Gladiator Abs procedure. With this procedure, men who cannot get that perfect six-pack ab look at the gym can lose that stubborn fat once and for all.

How 6 Pack Abs are Performed in the Gladiator Abs Procedure

Dr. Steinbrech uses general or local anesthesia for this procedure. Before surgery, he uses a marker to draw guides that will help him determine where to etch during the procedure. He then makes a series of incisions around the belly button and carefully removes excess fat that hides away a man’s abdominal muscles via liposuction.

The entire procedure only takes an hour. After the surgery, most male patients will experience some pain that will be manageable with medication. Drainage tubes and bandages might be given to you by Dr. Steinbrech to promote healing.

Is Gladiator Abs Right for You?

Most men want to have a six-pack, but the truth is, Gladiator Abs aren’t for everyone. In many cases, Gladiator Abs isn’t doable. Dr. Steinbrech will only perform this procedure on men who:

  • Are in overall good health
  • Have less than 18% body fat
  • Gone to the gym and tried to diet fat away but have been unable to do so
  • Understand that diet and exercise are crucial to maintaining results

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