Forearm Implants 

Forearm implants are designed to increase muscle mass and a more muscular definition in the lower arm area. This procedure is perfect for men who have large upper arms but struggle increasing muscle mass in the lower arm area (forearm). Forearm implants can improve the proportion of the entire body by making it more defined and muscular. The small incision for the implants is hidden in the underarm to conceal scarring. Male patients will typically see a change immediately after their forearm surgery is complete.

Some of the benefits of forearm implants include:

  • Forearm implants can help patients:
  • Seeking a fuller, more muscular and defined appearance in their arms
  • Useful to patients who, despite exercise, are unable to achieve the look they desire
  • Restore balance and proportion to patients with underdeveloped arms
  • Increased sense of self-confidence after surgery, and many feel comfortable rolling up their sleeves.

Who are the best candidates?

Forearm implants are particularly useful for those men who want muscular definition and increased mass/fullness in the lower arm area, but can’t achieve the desired look even after extensive muscular conditioning. Forearm implants are also highly recommended for those unique situations when an unfortunate injury has occurred, and surgery is needed to increase muscle mass augmentation to achieve normal balance.


Forearm implant is a soft, solid silicone implant fashioned to fit each patient perfectly. A pocket is created to hold the forearm implant. The implant is inserted through the incision precisely positioned within the soft tissue. The surgeon will close the incision with sutures, and apply a bandage to reduce discomfort and swelling. Patients can typically see the change immediately after surgery. Recovery time after surgery may be three to four weeks.


After surgery patients will be instructed not to raise their arms or do any major force for two days. When the patient returns for a follow check-up, the dressings will be removed and will be followed by a gentle exercise program to enable a full motion of the arms. Usually, physical use of the upper body muscles may be resumed within a week or two, and full muscular activity may be recommenced within one month.


Forearm implants surgical risks may include: infection, bleeding, asymmetry, scarring, and muscle and/or nerve damage.

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