Fat Injections for Men in Chicago

Fat Injections for Men in Chicago

fat injections for men in chicago

What Are Fat Injections?

It’s no secret that body fat is exceptional filler material. Fat cells are part of our bodies’ chemistry. This means they can never be rejected by the recipient’s body, so long as their body is the source. Fat injection treatments are defined as the transfer of excess fat from one part of the male patient’s body to another part which lacks fatty tissue. Listed as the go-to surgeon for men by Forbes, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech has dedicated his career to working with the male body. Fat injections by a top Chicago cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Steinbrech can contour, fill, and enhance features throughout the face and body in male patients. Though some fat injections come with upkeep, they are a great way to remove excess fat from unwanted areas while restoring a more youthful version of yourself with minimal risk.

How Do Fat Injections Work?

To perform fat injections, Dr. Steinbrech will apply a local anesthetic into both the donor area and the receiver areas. A saline solution with medication is then sent into the donor site to help facilitate quick fat collection. Using a syringe, Dr. Steinbrech will collect the fat. Once the fat is collected, it gets processed and cleaned. This preps it for safe injection. The collected fat is injected into the recipient region. When doing this, the number of fat cells injected into the body has to be greater than the amount most would expect to be needed. Though fat amounts for men may appear exetreme, these fat will naturally reabsorb into the body once they’re injected. This is why extensive fat injections tend to give the right look over time.

What are the Benefits of Fat Injections?

  • No pre-testing, since body fat already comes from your own body
  • Short, hour-long procedure times
  • Injections can last from months to decades, depending on the person and location
  • Little to no disruption in daily routine
  • Minimal discomfort to patients
  • Compatible with patients who have allergies to bovine collagen
  • Cost-effective when paired with other surgery

Who Are the Best Candidates for Fat Injections?

The ideal candidate for fat injections for men are in relatively good health, but are looking to improve their body compostion. When paired with liposuction, Dr. Steinbrech can remove fat from undesirable areas and plug it back into areas in which the patient is lacking.

Recovery Time

The length of time you will have results stay can vary greatly for each patient. Side effects of swelling and/or bruising may occur for 2-3 days. It is advised that

Consultation for Fat Injections for Men in Chicago

To get more info about receiving fat injections for men in Chicago, please visit Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to book your no-obligation consult or talk with a specialist.


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