Chin Augmentation for Men in San Francisco

Mentoplasty is also known as chin augmentation – and it’s an increasingly popular way for men in San Francisco to get a more masculine jawline. Chin augmentation reshapes the chin by adding a small implant or by gently paring down the chin bone’s size. Dr. Steinbrech is a board-certified plastic surgeon that offers chin augmentation. He’s the one who can help men get  the face they want.

Why Get Chin Augmentation?

A man’s chin and jawline can greatly impact the overall look of his face. A weak chin is seen as effeminate and can exaggerate the size of a man’s nose. Getting chin implants can help men look more attractive to dates and also help balance out his face.

Is Chin Augmentation in San Francisco Right for You?

There are plenty of male candidates for chin augmentation in San Francisco that could see amazing results after their treatment. Ideal candidates for this procedure are men who are in overall good health and are willing to be realistic about improvements to their jawline.

How is Chin Augmentation Done?

Chin implants are created using a medical-grade material that feels just like bone. They are available in a very wide range of shapes and sizes. This means that choosing to receive chin augmentation for men in San Francisco, or anywhere else, is never a uniform result. You will get to talk to Dr. Steinbrech while you choose the implant that’s right for your desired outcome. The time it takes for chin implants averages 30 minutes. Local anesthesia is most commonly used in Dr. Steinbrech’s San Francisco office. In many cases, both chin augmentation and jawline augmentation are performed at the same sitting. When adding chin implants, Dr. Steinbrech creates a tiny incision under the chin. He then will insert the implant and close the incision. During jawline augmentation, a petite incision is created by Dr. Steinbrech inside the male patient’s mouth. The typical incision area is near the third molars, where a scar will be totally hidden. Once the incision is made, Dr. Steinbrech adds an implant. He then closes up the incision if necessary.

Chin Augmentation: What To Expect Post-Surgery

Male patients who undergo chin augmentation will have mild swelling post-procedure, with the swelling peaking around 1-2 days after surgery. The majority of this swelling subsides within days, more subtle swelling can continue for months. As a result, male patients can expect to see the full results within several months. Most male patients in San Francisco return to work within five to seven days after chin augmentation surgery. Extremely strenuous activity should be avoided for 10 days. During your recovery period, Dr.Steinbrech will require you to follow certain restrictions on diet. He will also advise you on dental aftercare. Find Out More! If you are looking for offices that offer chin Augmentation in San Francisco, please call Dr. Steinbrech’s offices for a consultation.

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