You Don’t Have To Live With Gynecomastia Anymore

1 Feb 2019

You Don’t Have To Live With Gynecomastia Anymore

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Gynecomastia is one of those issues that most men dread, but not because it could be potentially lethal. It’s the scientific term for the presence of excess breast tissue in men, or, if you want to be more casual about it, “man boobs.”  For most men, it’s a problem that can quickly result in serious embarrassment, dating problems, and even struggles in finding clothing that suits them.

Around half of all men will eventually experience gynecomastia in their lives. It’s so common, many people in the past thought of it as an inevitability. You can’t really prevent it, either, since it can happen for a variety of reasons including age, weight gain, hormone fluctuations, and substance use. Even if your father didn’t have man boobs, you might. It’s very spontaneous in that sense.

In the past, most men who had gynecomastia had to simply suffer through it. Most men would wear a tank top underneath their shirts to help flatten out the puffiness in their nipples. In worse cases, some men actually would go so far as to bind their chests or wear purposefully baggy clothing to hide their breasts.

Thankfully, we don’t live in those times anymore. Men who have gynecomastia do not have to suffer through the ridicule they get for having breast tissue, nor do they have to alter their clothing to hide them. Thanks to the wonders of plastic surgery, you can have this issue corrected permanently.

How Male Plastic Surgeons Correct Gynecomastia

Dr. Steinbrech is one of the world’s top plastic surgeons in the field of treating gynecomastia, and as he can tell you, it’s a multi-step approach. The procedure begins with a consultation to determine how advanced gynecomastia has become. Then, he will plan a surgery to remove the excess breast tissue and fat, including excess tissue that is underneath the surface of the nipple.

Then, Dr. Steinbrech will tighten tissue up and seal any incisions that were made using very well-hidden sutures. He then offers carefully guided plastic surgery recovery tips. Most men recover in four to six weeks, with the help of compression garments and regular checkups.

Most men who have this procedure will notice moderate bruising and swelling. They may also require pain medications due to the discomfort they will feel as their chest is healing. Even so, the results are phenomenal.

What Are You Waiting For?  

Are you ready to make your body better? Give Dr. Steinbrech a call, and start your journey to a life free of man boobs.
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