What is BodyBanking®? Fort Lauderdale

What is BodyBanking®? Fort Lauderdale

Men in Fort Lauderdale are now talking about BodyBanking, a cosmetic procedure created by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech. His unique technique called BodyBanking seamlessly moves body fat from one part of the body to another targeted region.

Dr. Steinbrech’s BodyBanking is an improved version of a Selective Fat Transfer method used in highly involved liposuction procedures. Selective Fat Transfer keeps the number of fat cells steady during the transfer. With this method, Dr. Steinbrech actively prevents any disproportionate fat growth if weight gain occurs in the future. Typical targeted areas for BodyBanking for men include arms, face, buttocks, shoulders, pectorals, and legs. Dr. Steinbrech can also advise on how BodyBanking will best serve you.

What is Turn Fat to Fit™?

Turn Fat to Fit is a form of BodyBanking that deals with giving men a more fit appearance. First, he collects your own body fat and treats it. He then transfers the collected fat it into targeted areas of the body. Using special techniques and skill, Dr. Steinbrech chisels out the appearance of a muscular physique.

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Fat Injections

Body fat is a naturally biocompatible material, as long as your own body produces it. This means that you do not have to get tested for compatibility; it’s already naturally compatible with you. People who are prone to allergic reactions need to consider BodyBanking fat injections.

When administered, fat injections add volume and contour to areas of a man’s face and body. Men in Fort Lauderdale has begun to request fat injections via BodyBanking by name due to the great results. It’s important to remember that fat injection is a temporary treatment and thus often requires maintenance. Dr. Steinbrech explains more about maintenance during any consultation done with him.

How Fat Injections Work

Fat transfers begin by having Dr. Steinbrech give both the donor and target areas a dose of local anesthetic. Once you are anesthetized, he will send a mixture of fluids to the donor site. This is done by injecting a syringe filled with compounds that enable easier fat collection. Dr. Steinbrech then collects your body fat using a syringe-like device.

After he collects the fat, it’s treated and sent back into your target area. The number of fat cells injected into your chosen area will need to be greater than the amount a typical patient thinks is needed. This is because some of the fat will be reabsorbed by your body during the process.

What is MuscleShadowing™?

MuscleShadowing™ is Dr. Steinbrech’s plastic surgery technique to increase the effects of certain fat injections for men in Fort Lauderdale. MuscleShadowing™ increases the definition and volume of specific muscle groups. This is often an area like a man’s triceps, biceps, deltoids, calves, and quads.

The Benefits of BodyBanking Are:

  • A fast and easy 1-hour procedure
  • Injections can last for months, or could even be permanent
  • Little to no pain or downtime
  • No pre-testing necessary, no allergen potential
  • Very cost-effective for people looking to combine treatments

Side Effects of BodyBanking

Risks and side effects are minimal but can include mild swelling. This subsides within 48 to 72 hours. Dr. Steinbrech remains one of the very few doctors to offer BodyBanking for men in Fort Lauderdale – and the only capable of saying he created it. To learn more about what BodyBanking can do, contact his offices for an appointment.

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