What is BodyBanking®? West Palm Beach

What is BodyBanking®? West Palm Beach

Looking for a leaner, more muscular physique? Want to stay youthful? West Palm Beach men are now beginning to undergo BodyBanking, a plastic surgery procedure developed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech. BodyBanking seamlessly transfers body fat from one part of your body to a targeted region. BodyBanking is a specialized form of Selective Fat Transfer. This is a technique used in liposuction procedures that helps add volume to problem areas. Selective Fat Transfer works to maintain the quantity of fat during the fat transfer. By doing this, disproportionate fat growth can be prevented, should the patient gain weight in the future. Typical areas for Selective Fat Transfer can include the arms, face, buttocks, pectorals, and shoulders. Dr. Steinbrech advises where BodyBanking will best serve you during your consultation

What’s Turn Fat to Fit™?

Turn Fat to Fit is a specialized form of BodyBanking. Using a patient’s own body fat, Dr. Steinbrech transfers fat into areas of the body and then contours it to match your body’s natural build. Using his own techniques, Dr. Steinbrech will sculpt out the appearance of added muscle.

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Fat Injections

You might be wondering why body fat transfers are so popular among men in West Palm Beach. Body fat is made naturally by your own body, safe to use, and available in large quantities. It’s 100% biocompatible, so no pre-testing is required. When done right, fat injections fill and add contour to areas of a man’s face and body. BodyBanking is a process that streamlines it. Though BodyBanking is popular, fat transferring is not a permanent treatment and often requires maintenance. Dr. Steinbrech will explain more about this to you during your consultation.

How Fat Injections Work

Fat transfers begin by having both the target and donor areas receive local anesthetic. Once anesthetized, Dr. Steinbrech will inject a mixture of fluids to the donor site. This is done to enable easier fat collection. He then collects a small amount of fat, then processes it so that it’s suitable for transfer. Then, Dr. Steinbrech sends the fat to your target area. At first, the amount of fat added may look a bit much. However, you will have to have extra fat transferred this way because a portion of your body fat will be re-absorbed naturally.

What is MuscleShadowing™?

MuscleShadowing™ is a male-oriented technique that boosts effects of fat injections for men in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. MuscleShadowing™ increases definition, contours and adds volume to specific muscle groups, such as a man’s calves, triceps, biceps, chest, deltoids, and quads. This is a process that offers muscular results

The Benefits of BodyBanking Are:

  • A 1-hour procedure with effects lasting anywhere from months to permanency
  • Little to no downtime; patients can resume work almost immediately
  • Little to no pain
  • No pre-testing required
  • No use of bovine collagen, which it an allergy-safe option very little chance of body rejection
  • Cost-effective for people looking to combine treatments

Side Effects of BodyBanking

Side effects and risks are minimal with BodyBanking. Body fat is biocompatible and will not cause rejection. Many BodyBanking patients might experience some mild side effects like swelling or bruising during the first day or so. These will subside almost immediately. Dr. Steinbrech is proud to be a board-certified surgeon offering BodyBanking for men in West Palm Beach. To get a consultation or just learn more about the procedure, call his West Palm Beach office today.

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