Video Blog: Male Model Makeover®™

10 Feb 2018

Video Blog: Male Model Makeover®™

Are you a male model? If so, you know how competitive the industry can be and how hard it is to stay on top. Even the most striking men find themselves hard-pressed to stay youthful, toned, and masculine.

Knowing how rough the industry can be is exactly why Dr. Steinbrech offers custom-tailored Male Model solutions. The Male Model procedure is designed to be totally individualized for your particular needs. It can include Jaw Augmentation, Gluteal Enhancement, Pec Enhancements, and virtually any other surgery you need.

A lot of procedures also doesn’t have to mean a lot of recovery time, either. In Dr. Steinbrech’s video you can see how he helped a male model enhance his facial features in just under 10 minutes!

If you want to ensure that your career takes hold, you need a talented plastic surgeon to help you out. Dr. Steinbrech keeps your look natural by augmenting your assets rather than exaggerating them. The end result is a picture-perfect look that agents adore.
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