Tricep & Bicep Implants in Miami

Tricep & Bicep Implants in Miami

Tricep implants are a surgical aesthetic procedure for men that bolsters muscular definition and adds mass in the lower arm area. This surgical procedure is excellent for men who can’t achieve lower arm toning that they want regardless of how many triceps dips they do at the gym. Tricep implants enhance your muscular definition while adding bulk.


The ideal triceps implants candidates in Miami are men who struggle to gain muscle mass in their upper arms and have a hard time gaining the toning they desire. Candidates for triceps implants should be in relatively good health, have honest expectations and should be non-smokers. Other candidates can include men who had an injury or an accident in which muscle mass augmentation is required to achieve a normal balance. Countless triceps implant have been performed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech in Miami. During the procedure, Dr. Steinbrech will make a small incision in the arm. He will then cut a silicone implant specifically tailored to the patient and then insert into the pocket of the arm. After, a very small dressing gets placed in. Usually, the patient can see the change almost immediately after surgery. Once in the pocket, the tricep implant is secured under your natural muscles. The whole surgery takes approximately 80 minutes to perform. It can be done using general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, which leaves the patient awake but not fully aware.


During your recovery period, you will be instructed not to lift your arms for at least two days following the surgery. Surgical dressings are then removed. You will have to follow a gentle exercise program for two weeks to enable a full and comfortable range of motion using your arms. Within a week or two, regular use of the upper body muscles can be resumed. Within one month, full muscular activity can continue.


Like one would expect with any cosmetic procedure, there are risks involved. Risks of triceps implant surgery include:

  • Infection or implant rejection
  • Bleeding
  • Asymmetric placement
  • Scarring and muscle damage
  • Nerve damage


The cost of tricep implants surgery in Miami ranges between $5,000 and $10,000. This price includes the surgeon’s fee, your anesthesia fee, operating room fee, and implant fees. Tricep implants are considered cosmetic, so health insurance providers will not cover this. Financial assistance is available, but you will need to contact Dr. Steinbrech’s office to learn more about your options.

About Bicep Implants

Miami is all about big arms, and if you want better definition, you might want bicep implants. These implants create an increased definition in a man’s upper arm muscles. Bicep implants are an excellent option for men who are having trouble increasing muscle mass to their arms despite rigorous exercise routines. Bicep implants can also assist in balancing the proportionality of a man’s body as a whole. Bicep implants are tailored to each individual’s physique to ensure a sleek, seamless look. To get implants in your arms, an incision is made in the underarm to help hide scarring. After, a pocket is then created for the bicep implant. Once the pocket is made, Dr. Steinbrech places the bicep implants through the incision and precisely positioned inside the soft tissue. The surrounding area will develop scar tissue locks the implant in place. Finally, your incision will be closed using sutures. A bandage gets applied to reduce swelling and discomfort. Most Miami patients will typically see an immediate change after their procedure is finished.

Before and After Photos of Bicep Implant Surgery


Like with any surgical procedure, slight bruising, swelling, or aches may occur. Patients should not to raise their arms for two days following bicep implant surgery. Regular activities may be resumed 7 to 14 days after surgery, with an exception for heavy lifting. The full recovery period averages two to three weeks. To learn about Bicep or Tricep Implants for men in Miami, please call Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic for a no-obligation consultation.

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