Tricep and Bicep Implants for West Palm Beach Men

Tricep and Bicep Implant for Men in West Palm Beach

Having a hard time getting the volume you want in your arms despite gymming on a regular basis, is a surprisingly common issue among men. Tricep and bicep implants are cosmetic surgeries for men who wish to have bigger arms, but can’t seem to get results using traditional methods. Dr. Steinbrech has helped spark the tricep and bicep implant revolution for men in West Palm Beach – and now, you can get the beefy arms you want, too.

Ideal Candidates Include…

Not all men who want implants can get them. The ideal bicep and tricep implant candidates in West Palm Beach is pretty easy to spot. They are men who:

  • Have been gymming but haven’t gained the muscle mass they want. Or, have been in an accident and need an implant to help “even out” their appearance.
  • Are nonsmokers in generally good health
  • Are realistic about their results

How Bicep and Tricep Surgeries Are Performed

Dr. Steinbrech is happy to offer triceps and biceps surgery in West Palm Beach. During a triceps implants procedure, Dr. Steinbrech makes a small incision in your arm. He then personally cuts a silicone implant custom-made for you and inserts it into the pocket of the arm. With biceps implants, the incision and pocket will be made in the crook your underarm. Next, Dr. Steinbrech places your bicep or tricep implants inside the pocket he created. Once it’s placed inside, your implant will be locked in place by the natural musculature surrounding it. Dr. Steinbrech then closes the incision. After sutures, patients will have bandages applied to help promote recovery. Most West Palm Beach patients will see an immediate effect as soon as they wake up. The entire process takes 80 to 90 minutes.


Once you wake up from tricep or bicep implant surgery, you won’t be able to lift your arms for the next two days. After that, Dr. Steinbrech will then remove your bandages. (You’ll notice a lot of swelling, pain, and redness during these two days as well.) After the first few days pass, male patients will need to complete a customized exercise program for that spans approximately three weeks. This will help you regain your full range of motion using your newly augmented arms. Once two weeks pass, typical use of all upper body muscles can be resumed like normal. After 30 days, the full muscular activity can continue – and that includes going to the gym.


Getting tricep or bicep implants in West Palm Beach can have risks and side effects, though they are rare. Risks of this implant surgery include:

  • Body rejection of your implants
  • Excessive bleeding, swelling and bruising
  • Bacterial infections
  • Excessive scarring and skin pigmentation changes
  • Asymmetry
  • Permanent nerve damage

Hiring a good surgeon greatly reduces these risks.

Before and After Photos of Bicep Implant Surgery

Getting bicep and tricep implant surgery is a major decision, and you will need to find a qualified, board-certified surgeon to do so. Call Dr. Steinbrech to talk about this option in depth and book an appointment for your initial consult.

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