Tricep and Bicep Implants for San Francisco Men

Triceps and Biceps Implants Surgery for Men in San Francisco

Most men want to have bigger arms, but don’t always get the results they desire at the gym. Tricep and bicep implants are plastic surgeries for men who want to boost muscular definition while adding natural-looking mass in their arms. Dr. Steinbrech has been leading the bicep and tricep implant revolution for men in San Francisco – and now, you can find out why.


The ideal bicep and tricep implant candidates in San Francisco are healthy men who can’t seem to get the mass they want at the gym, or men who recently experienced an injury that needs augmentation to achieve a normal-looking balance. Ideal candidates are healthy non-smokers who are realistic about results.

How Bicep and Tricep Surgeries Are Done

Dr. Steinbrech is happy to offer triceps and biceps surgery in San Francisco. During a triceps implants procedure, Dr. Steinbrech makes a small incision in your arm. He then personally cuts a silicone implant custom-made for you and inserts it into the pocket of the arm. Once it’s placed in the incision, the tricep implant is locked in by the male patient’s natural musculature. Then, he closes the incision. Afterwards, a very small dressing gets placed over the incision. The patient will see immediate results, and the procedure takes about 1.5 hours to do. To receive bicep implants, an incision is made by Dr. Steinbrech in the nook of your underarm and a small pocket is created. Next, the surgeon places the bicep implants inside and positions it deep in the pocket. From that point on, the surrounding areas musculature will develop scarring to lock your implant into place. Finally, your incision gets sutured closed. After sutures, you will get bandages to help promote recovery. Most San Francisco patients will see an immediate effect as soon as they wake up.


Once you wake up from tricep or bicep implant surgery, Dr. Steinbrech will tell you not to lift your arms for the next two days. Swelling and pain may occur for the next couple of days. After that, Dr. Steinbrech will then remove your bandages. After those first two days, male patients will need to follow a light, customized exercise program for the next couple of weeks. This program is designed to help patients regain a full range of motion using their newly augmented arms. After a week or two, standard daily use of all upper body muscles can be resumed. After 30 days, full muscular activity can continue – and that’s including going to the gym.


Hiring a qualified surgeon to do your implants can greatly reduce, but not eliminate, the risks associated with surgery. It’s rare to see men getting tricep or bicep implants in San Francisco experiencing these issues, but it can happen. Risks of this implant surgery include:

  • Bleeding, bruising and infections
  • Excessive scarring
  • Asymmetric results
  • Muscular and nerve damage

Financing and more information is available for men who are ready to take the next step which to book a consultation  Dr. Steinbrech’s to find out more.

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