Tricep and Bicep Implants for Men LA

Male Tricep and Bicep Implants in LA

Triceps and biceps are major favorites among men. They allow a man to feel masculine, flex, and show off his hard work at the gym. Unfortunately, many male body types are naturally limited when it comes to the size of his arms. Bicep and tricep implants for men can help solve this problem.

Are Bicep Implants Right for You?

Dr. Steinbrech strongly encourages men who want to give tricep and bicep implants to ask questions about the procedure. Not all men who want bigger arms are good candidates for this procedure, though.

An ideal candidate is a man who:

  • Is in generally good health
  • Wants to increase the volume of his arms
  • Has attempted to increase arm volume via diet and exercise, but to no avail
  • Has realistic expectations about surgery

How Dr. Steinbrech Does Bicep and Tricep Implants

In the case of both bicep and tricep implants, Dr. Steinbrech will choose the implant during the patient’s consultation. Each implant will be different since each man is different and will have different goals about their body’s appearance.

Prior to the surgery, Dr. Steinbrech will explain risks associated with the surgery and what can be done to limit risks. Risks include infection, healing delays, bleeding, and in extremely rare cases, muscle or nerve damage. It’s highly unlikely that you will have to deal with these issues, but they can happen. Local or general anesthesia can be used. In both situations, an incision is made, and a pocket is formed by Dr. Steinbrech. He then inserts the implant and closes the pocket. With both bicep and tricep implants, your natural muscle locks the implant into place. Both procedures also will take about 90 minutes and can deliver immediate results.

Recovery from Bicep and Tricep Implants

After your surgery, you will not be allowed to lift up your arms for 48 hours. You might also experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort. However, most men can return to normal activity within a week. Within a month, you will see a full recovery.

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