Tricep and Bicep Implants for Fort Lauderdale Men

Tricep and Bicep Implants for Fort Lauderdale Men

If the gym has failed to give you the arm volume you want, you might still be able to get it. Tricep and bicep implants for men are taking off because they offer results. Dr. Steinbrech has kicked off the tricep and bicep implant revolution for men in Fort Lauderdale – and that means you can get incredible results, too.

Ideal Candidates Include…

Not all men who desire bicep and tricep implants will be capable of getting them. The ideal bicep and tricep implant candidates in Fort Lauderdale are men who:

  • Are avid gymgoers but haven’t gained the arm muscle mass they want.
  • Or, have a deal with an injury and need implants to help improve their appearance
  • Are nonsmokers who are in good health
  • Are honest and realistic about their results

How Bicep and Tricep Surgeries Are Completed

Dr. Steinbrech is proud to be the top male surgeon to offer triceps and biceps surgery in Fort

Lauderdale. The biggest difference in procedure deals with where the implant incision is made. During a triceps implants procedure, Dr. Steinbrech makes a small incision and a muscle pocket in each arm. With biceps implants, the incision, and pocket will be made in the crook your underarm. Once he makes the incision, Dr. Steinbrech places your bicep or tricep implants inside the pockets or incisions he created. Once placed inside, the implant gets locked in place by the natural musculature surrounding it. After making sure that everything went well, Dr. Steinbrech closes the incision using sutures. After this, patients will have bandages applied to help promote a healthy recovery. Most Fort Lauderdale patients will see an immediate effect as soon as they wake up. Overall, the process takes around an hour and a half to complete.


Once you wake up from either implant surgery, you won’t be allowed to lift your arms for 48 hours. There will be some swelling, pain, and redness during this time. After you’re cleared to move your arms, Dr. Steinbrech will then remove your bandages.

Afterward, all male patients in Fort Lauderdale will need to start a specialized exercise program that spans approximately three weeks. The exercise routine is designed to help you regain a full range of motion using your arms. After two weeks pass, typical use of all upper body muscles can be resumed like normal and you can return to work without fear. After a month, all activity can resume – and that includes going to the gym.


Getting tricep or bicep implants in Fort Lauderdale has risks and complications associated with them, though they are rare. Risks of surgery include:

  • Rejection of implants
  • Excessive bleeding, bruising, bleeding, and scar tissue
  • Infections
  • Sudden skin pigmentation changes
  • Asymmetry
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Very few men will experience these complications, and hiring a good surgeon greatly reduces these risks.

Before and After Photos of Bicep Implant Surgery

Getting bicep and tricep implant surgery is a major decision that can alter the way you look or even move. You need to find a qualified, board-certified surgeon to do it if want to get safe implants. If you are curious to find out more, please call Dr. Steinbrech at his Fort Lauderdale office.


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