Weight loss is a wonderful thing to experience, especially if you’re a man who has always been heavy set. Whether it’s due to a bariatric surgery or just extreme dieting, men who shed the pounds often are satisfied with the results—but only to a point.

Though weight loss offers excellent health benefits and can help a man become more attractive, extreme weight loss can cause excess skin to remain. This can make a man lose confidence in himself, especially when he’s trying to show off his new physique in a swimsuit or in front of a new lover.

Sounds like something you have experienced? Can’t seem to get rid of excess skin no matter what you do? Dr. Steinbrech has come to the rescue with the TorsoTuck™

Interested in learning more about TorsoTuck™ procedure? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Steinbrech today by using the contact form or speak to a Patient Advisor by calling (212) 750-7100 today.

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