The Wall Street Makeover

26 Jan 2015

The Wall Street Makeover


You are a go-getter, and you know it. However, in a world like ours, appearance can and always will matter. That’s why Dr. Steinbrech made a series of treatments specifically geared towards nurturing your inner Wall Street Man.

You’re the man who puts his job first, works ridiculously long hours, and needs to look great everywhere he goes. But, with all of those long work hours, who really has the time to hit the gym every day? Moreover, aging takes a toll on the body.

The Wall Street Man Makeover is designed to make you look naturally youthful and powerful. This process will leave a few natural wrinkles here to signal maturity and trustworthiness.

This set of procedures can include a neck lift, eye-lifts, jawline restructuring, and High-Def LipoSculpting.

Here’s what to expect…

Upper and Lower eye-lift

Crow’s feet are one of the first signs of aging. Having both upper and lower eye-lift surgery tightens the look of your eyelids, making you look younger, rested, and energized. Better still, it can help reduce the noticability of your crow’s feet.

This is less invasive than a typical facelift and involves minor incisions carefully chosen in the natural eyelid creases, lower eyelid ridge, and lash line.

Neck Lift

With age, skin loses elasticity. This is especially true in the neck area, which causes sagging skin. Dr. Steinbrech’s neck lift surgery tightens the underlying muscles in the neck area. This adds to the reduction of fat deposits beneath the chin, which erases the dreaded “double-chin” effect.

Jawline Restructuring (Re-Contouring)

A strong jawline can give men a powerful, masculine physical appearance which inspires others to have confidence in you. Dr. Steinbrech includes a jawline re-contouring treatment as a part of his Wall Street Man makeover.

This is a 15-minute, noninvasive procedure that produces male perfection. This procedure uses injectable fillers put in the jawline to create a strong defined chin. This can add the appearance of a more muscular frame, and adds a “power look” to any man’s face.

High-Definition LipoSculpting

This procedure is designed to sculpt the body. By removing fat around the abs, waist, and hips. Dr. Steinbrech lets you show off the muscles that are underneath. When done right, this creates the appearance of perfect six pack abs. This procedure lasts one to five hours, and can be done with either local or general anesthesia.

Patients who undergo Hi-Def LipoSculpting can return to work within a few days, so your work schedule doesn’t get hurt.

A truly strong man knows what he wants and gets it – and it all starts with a simple phone call. Go and get a consultation today.
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