The Difference Between Lean and Buff

3 Feb 2016

The Difference Between Lean and Buff

There is a definite difference in looking lean or buff. Plastic surgery procedures are therefore geared to create each kind of look. For potential candidates, what you choose should depend mainly on your personality, your level of activity, and of course, how you want to be perceived.

What Do You Want to Convey?

So, who are you? What would you think your ideal body would look like? Are you the bodybuilder type, or are you the slimmer sporty type? A lean or buff look can be done with many different procedures…

Hi-Def Liposculpting for Men

If you wish to have more definition, or look more chiseled, you might want to consider Hi-Def Liposculptng. This is a less-invasive method of eliminating fatty deposits that won’t budge naturally. This procedure is used on a man’s abs add definition, too. Whether you want a more “buff” or lean look it’s a good process to consider.

Hi-Def Pec Enhancement

Love having big pecs? Hi-Def Pec Enhancement can help. Using implants can enhance the shapes of bodybuilders who need a fuller, more muscular look that they have not been able to attain through workout routines.

Gluteal Enhancement

Some buff-looking guys choose to get a gluteal enhancement by either fat transfer or by an implant. This is a good way to “balance out” the buff and add just the right amount of bulk.

More Ways to Lose Fat and Look Streamlined

CoolSculpting (which uses a freezing process to permanently remove fat cells) or liposuction can also work to give you that lean appeal. The best way to get the best look is to talk to a doctor about what you want.

If you aren’t sure what procedures are right for you, a consultation with Dr. Steinbrech can help. It’s not easy figuring out the right treatment, so by all means, don’t be afraid to ask for advice.
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