The Male Model Makeover®™ Experience

23 Oct 2014

The Male Model Makeover®™ Experience

Every man can feel like a male model with the right fillers, and if you don’t believe it, take a look at this video by Dr. Steinbrech. In it, a 49-year-old patient gets to see drastic changes with fillers like Radiesse – all in less time than most people take for a lunch break. The effects these fillers have are subtle, yet at the same time, dramatic. That’s what plastic surgery should be like.

The worst thing that can happen during plastic surgery is getting an “overdone” appearance that doesn’t look the least bit natural. Dr. Steinbrech avoids this by focusing on enhancing your natural features rather than trying to override what Mother Nature gave you.

Fighting the aging process is something that everyone, male or female, wants to do. In a youth-oriented society, it makes sense to invest in your looks and bring out the strong, agile, and lively person you are. By using common dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Restylane, Dr. Steinbrech gives men the chance to experience success and combat their aging concerns.

If you wake up in the mirror and can barely recognize yourself, it’s time to do something about it. You deserve to feel like the leading man in your life, and Dr. Steinbrech has the key that lets you do it. 

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