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12 Oct 2021

Dr. Steinbrech Reveals Dramatic Transformation After Performing BodyBanking® and Gynecomastia Procedures

Some men dream about becoming bodybuilders. In the case of this 54-year-old patient from Miami, his career as a former competitor left him needing an extra bit of help when it came to sculpting his physique. So, he sought out the expertise of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steinbrech of Male Plastic Surgery in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

During his consultation, Dr. Steinbrech immediately identified that the male patient presented excess visceral fat, in addition to gynecomastia. Enlarged breasts, also known as gynecomastia, are a common problem amongst bodybuilders who have developed an abundance of fat and glandular tissue in one or both breasts. Male breast reduction surgery can help by reconstructing a flatter, firmer look to the male chest.

In addition to treating the patient’s gynecomastia, Dr. Steinbrech also performed his patented BodyBanking® procedure. Using a patient’s own body fat, Dr. Steinbrech is able to transfer and remove fat from unwanted areas and inject it into the desired parts of the body. In this example, BodyBanking® was used to sculpt the patient’s abdomen into a chiseled six-pack. In addition, bad fat from the flanks was also used to add volume to the upper chest and shoulders. 

Check out the complete transformation below:

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