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Recent Blogs: Advancements in Male Plastic Surgery

14 May 2024

Bicep and Tricep Implants Explained

bicep and tricep implant surgeryThis article explains bicep and tricep implants, what they are, the procedure, and the cost. We also provide multiple before and after images to assess its impact. The procedure can significantly affect men’s muscular appearance.

12 May 2024

Chin Augmentation Explained

right view chin augmentation before and after Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, alters the chin with an enhancement of a chin implant or reduction surgery performed on the chin bone. Specially trained members specialize in chin augmentation for men.  The facial features of the chin and jawline can be impacted to help balance all facial features. If the nose is prominent or significant, it will appear even more so when connected with a weak chin or un-pronounced jawline. Changing the appearance of the chin and jawline can further improve the look of the face and enhance the looks of aging.

12 May 2024

What is Male Pec Implant Surgery

Male pec Implant surgery

Male pec implant surgery can give males the definition they desire in the chest region. Dr. Steinbrech specializes in Hi-Definition pectoral augmentation for men. Today, pectoral implants are a favored solution for thousands of men who want to look their best. They can also be used for chest reconstruction after cancer surgery in men.

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