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Recent Blogs: Advancements in Male Plastic Surgery

11 May 2024

What Are Fat Injections

Fat injections explained

It’s no secret that body fat is exceptional filler material. Fat cells are part of our bodies’ chemistry. This means they can never be rejected by the recipient’s body so long as their body is the source. Fat injection treatments transfer excess fat from one part of the male patient’s body to another that lacks fatty tissue. Listed as Forbes’s go-to surgeon for men, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech has dedicated his career to working with the male body. Fat injections by a top cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Steinbrech, can contour, fill, and enhance features throughout the face and body in male patients. Though some fat injections come with upkeep, they are a great way to remove excess fat from unwanted areas while restoring a more youthful version of yourself with minimal risk.

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