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10 Sep 2015

How to Transform Soft Boyishness into Rugged Masculinity

A Boyish Leonardo DiCaprio

A Boyish Leonardo DiCaprio (Courtesy Thais Araujo2 on Flickr via CC BY-ND 2.0)

A More Masculine-Looking Leonardo DiCaprio

A More Masculine-Looking DiCaprio. Was There a Facelift? (Courtesy Georges Biard on Wikimedia Commons via CC BY-SA 3.0)

Men curious about facelifts should take a look at how Leonardo DiCaprio now looks. A facelift, or even a mini-facelift, gives men a tauter, younger look as well as a stronger jawline that makes a person look masculine.

Take a look at baby-faced Leo DiCaprio in Titanic and then glance at him as he appeared in The Departed. If he went in for a facelift procedure or not is up to debate, but you can similar transformations in “before and after” pics.

What Is A Facelift?

During a facelift, surgeons remove excess fat from the face and the neck. Then they lift, re-position, and tighten the muscles to diminish the signs of aging.

Though chubby cheeks look adorable on kids, they definitely do not on a man. Fat hides your bone structure, giving you a soft, delicate look that remains a far cry from the manliness you want to display.

Facelifts remove sagging areas of fat, the creases between your mouth and nose, and even tighten the folds of loose skin around the jawline. This makes your bone structure and jawline look more prominent and makes your face get a rugged apperance.

Facelift recovery ends within a couple of weeks post-surgery. Some small side effects like swelling, and feelings of numbness can go away within 3-6 weeks after the surgery. Realistically, though, you can expect to return to work fairly quickly.

Masculinity’s Appeal: Why Do Guys Go for Facelifts?

There’s a good reason why masculine features in men seen as more attractive than boyish ones. Well-defined features are signs of healthy bone development, which indicates good health for a mate. Women are evolutionarily programmed to choose healthy mates.

Men with well-defined faces tend to have sexy smiles because of how their bone structures work with their jaw line. Check out at any picture of Hugh Jackman’s classic grin or Patrick Dempsey’s rich smile, and you will get the idea. Both men are past 40, but still keep the taut, chiseled look of their younger days. Was a facelift involved? Who knows?

Getting a facelift amps up confidence in their appearances. Facelifts are totally safe and give you the rugged look you want – all at a reasonable price.

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