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9 May 2024

Information Session in Hong Kong

Top Board Certified Surgeon From NYC, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, Holds Information Sessions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech will be in Hong Kong on March 23 – 26, 2015, holding discussions and informational sessions at The Mandarin Oriental with individual patients to learn more about successful cosmetic and plastic surgery for men. Dr. Steinbrech will be scheduling plenty of time between his appointments to ensure that you can obtain answers to all of your questions and have an opportunity to discuss your procedure and the results you would like to achieve.

Space is limited and must be reserved in advance.
Please call 1-(646) 480-7750 (USA) or contact Dr. Steinbrech today.

Learn more about Dr. Steinbech’s Fly-In program.


Schedule Your Virtual Consultation

Dr. Steinbrech is also available to schedule a virtual consultation with prospective patients worldwide via Skype, phone, or email. Discuss plastic surgery procedures and your goals in the comfort of your home without visiting Dr. Steinbrech’s New York City office. Discover all available options and recommendations proposed by top-rated board-certified surgeons and learn about each procedure to help you address any questions.

The Mandarin Oriental

Consultation room at The Mandarin Oriental

After setting up your virtual consultation, you may proceed with the following:

Email Your Photos:

You may email your frontal and side view photos of your face or body areas that you would like Dr. Steinbrech to review and recommend the best options to maximize results. When sending your photos, please make sure the pictures are clear; there are no background images and no selfies so Dr. Steinbrech can adequately evaluate them.

Schedule your call or Skype consultation:

Our Patient Advisors can help you schedule your call or Skype consultation at your convenience. During this session, Dr. Steinbrech can make recommendations, review pricing estimates, and discuss financing options for qualified patients.

Schedule Your Surgical Appointment:

Once you have consulted with Dr. Steinbrech and decided on the right procedures, our Patient Advisors can schedule your surgery date. A 20% deposit via check or credit card is required to reserve your surgery date. The final payment for your surgery is due at least three weeks before surgery.

You will receive an information packet outlining your surgery and other important instructions for your review. You must carefully read and follow it.


We strongly recommend that all of our patients spend at least one night in a nearby aftercare facility to ensure that they receive medical attention if needed. Our professional and friendly staff will help you arrange and handle any post-op needs.

To set up your consultation with Dr. Steinbrech at The Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong,
Please call 1-(646) 480-7750 (USA) or contact Dr. Steinbrech today.
Space is limited and must be reserved in advance.

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19 Nov 2020

Dr. Steinbrech Featured guest on Podcast

This month, Dr. Steinbrech joined the Create Your Own Life Podcast host, Jeremy Ryan Slate. In the episode, Dr. Steinbrech talks about following his passion and how to go from a brand new idea to fostering that concept into something successful. He also talks about how the medical programs at NYU inspired him to transition from an early idea to pursue cardiac surgery to aesthetics. This industry speaks more to his creativity.

“With women in aesthetics, we’ve all figured it out. We’ve been doing breast augmentations and rhinoplasty on women for basically the last 50 or 60 years. There’s a lot of innovations. For men, we were in the [figurative] 1950s or 1960s in terms of technology, products, and techniques. In residency programs, no one teaches men’s plastic surgery. We’ve been taught that men don’t want it. They’re too cool for it. Only women wish to do it. Men have been left out of the game. The challenge is educating men and teaching surgeons how to work on men. Now, the technology and the ability to hide incisions are out there. That’s why I released my textbook Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which is out now on Amazon.”

Dr Steinbrech featured guest

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