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Recent Blogs: Advancements in Male Plastic Surgery

19 Nov 2020

Dr. Steinbrech Talks Aesthetics on the Create Your Own Life Podcast

This month, Dr. Steinbrech joined the Create Your Own Life Podcast host, Jeremy Ryan Slate. In the episode, Dr. Steinbrech talks about following his passion and how to go from a brand new idea to fostering that concept into something successful. He also talks about how the medical programs at NYU inspired him to transition from an early idea to pursue cardiac surgery to aesthetics – an industry that speaks more to his creativity.

“With women in aesthetics, we’ve all kind of got it figured out. We’ve been doing breast augmentations and rhinoplasty on women for basically the last 50 or 60 years. There’s a lot of innovations. For men, we were in the [figurative] 1950 or 1960s in terms of technology, products, and techniques. In residency programs, no one really teaches men’s plastic surgery.

We’ve been taught that men don’t want it. They’re too cool for it. Only women want it… men have been left out of the game. The challenge is educating men and teaching surgeons how to work on men. Now the technology and the ability to hide incisions is out there. That’s why I released my textbook Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which is out now on Amazon.”

Click below for the full episode and interview.

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