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19 May 2015

Hollywood Jaws

Hollywood has always played a huge role in uprising procedures, and these days, everyone’s been buzzing about jaw augmentations in Tinseltown. Why? Well, it gives you that classic “superhero jawline” that Chris Hemsworth of The Avengers and Christopher Pratt of Guardians of The Galaxy has been flaunting. Wondering if you can get that same chiseled look, too?

Jaw Augmentation Surgery 101

Jaw Augmentation, also known as Mandibular Augmentation, is most commonly performed to correct an weak jaw structure. This will use either synthetic or biological materialss to augment your jawline.

When performed, jawline augmentation can give a good balance to an otherwise less-defined face. With jawline augmentation, doctors make a small incision inside your mouth, right near the area of the third molars. Then, an implant is inserted.

In many cases, both a jawline and chin augmentation are performed in the same surgery. They are a dream team together, and tend to give the best possible look.

Are You A Jaw Augmentation Candidate?

The key to having a successful surgery is ensuring that your jaw and teeth function well before surgery. During your initial consult, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech will evaluate your jaw function to determine whether you should get jaw augmentation. The ideal candidate will be in good health and have reasonable expectations.


Though the results are often striking, recovery time is surprisingly short. Most patients can return to work within a couple of days, however, strenuous exercise should be avoided for two weeks. Once the procedure is done, your surgeon will give you instructions on aftercare.
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