So Your Plastic Surgery Was Botched. Now What?

31 Jan 2019

So Your Plastic Surgery Was Botched. Now What?

It can happen to men of any walk of life. You’re a man who wasn’t satisfied with some aspect of your body that diet and exercise couldn’t help out. You knew you needed to have a plastic surgeon help you out, so that you can have the body and face you’ve always wanted.

You researched your doctors heavily, and you chose a surgeon who you felt would be a bargain. The consultation went well, and he seemed to adequately answer all your questions fairly succinctly. He wasn’t some random person; he was certified and rightly earned his medical degree.

You always assumed that people who get bad plastic surgery haven’t properly vetted the doctors who would be performing their procedure. It could never happen to you, right?  You trusted him so deeply, and you just knew that you could find a better self in his hands…until you woke up to a botched procedure.

Yes, it’s every plastic surgery patient’s procedure, even more so if you’re male. With female patients, it’s easy to find a plastic surgeon who is able to fix botched procedures. With male plastic surgery patients, it’s never that simple.

Finding a plastic surgeon who specializes in the male physique isn’t easy. In most areas, you won’t really find any surgeons who have much experience with male patients, even for things like rhinoplasty or excess skin removal. Most botched surgeries that happen are caused by hiring a surgeon who isn’t actually well-versed in male cosmetic procedures.

Finding a plastic surgeon who is educated and experienced enough to fix botched surgeries for men is even more difficult. After all, most men who have a botched procedure are doubly shy of reaching out for help—even if it could help them fix the issue that causes them embarrassment and shame in the first place.

Dr. Steinbrech is in a unique position in the plastic surgery world in this sense. Not only is he one of the very few plastic surgeons to specialize in male plastic surgery, but he’s also one of the even fewer who specializes in botched plastic surgery correction.

With clients ranging from boardroom CEOs to male models, it’s easy to see why so many people rely on Dr. Steinbrech’s ability to help them when regular surgeons can’t. He has performed countless procedures throughout his illustrious careers, ranging from rhinoplasty corrections to liposuction corrections.

Known as The Godfather of Male Plastic Surgery, Dr. Steinbrech has a maverick touch to everything plastic-surgery related. If you have a botched nose job, a poorly-executed facelift, or any other issue that you want to get fixed, it’s time to book an appointment with Dr. Steinbrech.
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