Serious About Surgery?

25 May 2015

Serious About Surgery?

Want surgery, but can’t afford it? We understand that feeling. That’s why Dr. Steinbrech and Dr. Miller now offer Alphaeon Care and Care Credit to make sure that you can make your plastic surgery dreams come true.

Financing your procedure shouldn’t be hard. There are ways to go about it. If you’re unsure of whether you can get the surgery you want with the tools you have at your disposal, you should consider the following options…


Believe it or not, cosmetic surgery could potentially be covered by your insurance provider. This is all based on what you’re getting done. For example,corrective procedures like certain types of rhinoplasty can aid in functional/medical components. This would make it eligible for at least partial coverage.

A quick consultation will determine whether you qualify, but it’s often better to be proactive and call the insurance company ahead of time. In the majority of cases, insurance will categorize aesthetic enhancements as elective procedures.

Alphaeon Credit

One of the newest ways we accept payment is with the Alphaeon credit card. Alphaeon is a lifestyle healthcare credit company designed for everyone who wants more than just sick care.
Alphaeon helps patients partner up with top accredited physicians and offers a new way to pay for quality care.

With Alphaeon, you get flexible payments and a wider range of options. Simply put, it’s one of the most useful options out there in terms of plastic surgery financing.







One of the most common aesthetic surgery financing options is CareCredit, a credit card specifically made with healthcare in mind. This card allows you to get wellness, beauty, and health treatments using flexible installment payments – just like a normal credit card.

Both Alphaeon and CareCredit come with their own terms, and are subject to credit approval. If you’re curious, talk to the office and find out if you’re able to use this option. Sometinmes, patients can use both!

No matter what your financial standing is, we will work to make sure you can get the plastic surgery you want in a way you can afford. If you’re serious about plastic, give us a call.
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