Secret To The Summer Body (And How Your Metabolism Works With It)

8 Jun 2016

Secret To The Summer Body (And How Your Metabolism Works With It)

Summer is coming, and that season means it’s time to talk about swimsuit season. It’s a brutal time, really. No one wants to feel out of shape, especially on the beach. Common beachgoers aren’t as perfect as the Baywatch-esque lifeguards or toned volleyball player. It can hurt.

To understand how to prep, let’s talk bodies. The human body has three different body metabolism types. Each body type will react to bodybuilding differently.

First, there are ectomorphs. They are typically the skinny, lanky guys. They have a wiry frame and have a fast metabolism. These guys often have a difficult time building muscle mass and fat. This makes it difficult to get those signature surfer abs.

Next are mesomorphs, the men who seem to be naturally athletic. These folks seem to gain muscle just by breathing and casually walking into the gym. Their athletic physiques give them the ability to pack on muscle easily. These people are called “genetical lottery winners.”

Finally, we have the endomorphs. These are the bigger, stocky guys who smell pizza and suddenly gain ten pounds in all the wrong areas. These men have a natural ability to gain muscle, but also struggle because they gain LOTS of extra fat.

Not everyone can be a mesomorph. Most guys are either an ectomorph or an endomorph. However, plastic surgery can give men the bodies nature didn’t.

Dr. Steinbrech has created a slew of different treatments that enhance and work with a man’s natural metabolism. This means that endomorphs get to have a slimmer physique, exomorphs get to have the washboard abs they want, and mesomorphs can hance what nature gave them.

If you need a better summer body, call our office. We can make it happen – no matter what body type you have.
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