Enhance Your Body Building!

21 Aug 2015

Enhance Your Body Building!

Summer is the time to show off a lot more extra skin. If you’re a male bodybuilder, you work hard to achieve your muscular, toned physique. Whether you are competing in competitions or just work hard to have a sexy muscular bod, you should take every opportunity to celebrate your efforts.

As fall approaches, bodybuilders will soon be starting “bulking season.” This is when they eat higher quantities of food and more protein in an attempt to gain weight, then use that bulk to increase muscle mass.

The thing is, there are issues. Bodybuilders often find themselves frustrated with certain body parts just won’t develop proportionally. This can lead to “chicken legs” or a flat butt – which in turn, can easily cause bodybuilders to lose competitions.

Rather than attempt to build something that might not even be buildable, doesn’t it make sense to go under the knife to get what you want? Dr. Steinbrech offers a wide range of procedures that add definition and enhance areas that don’t respond to exercise.

  • Hi Def Liposculpting can remove undesirable stubborn fat and strategically chisel out the perfect six-pack and pelvic lines that you’ve wanted. This procedure takes up to five hours, but patients can typically return back to work within a few days.
  • Hi Def Pec Enhancement has been a great solution for men that can’t grow their chest muscles with regular exercise. Hi-Def pectoral implants enhance the figure of a body builder while adding definition. Strenuous training can continue after six weeks post-operation.
  • Gluteal Enhancement with Fat or Implants Gluteal Enhancement with Fat or Implants give your glute muscles a fuller, toned look and better proportion to the rest of you muscular build for competition. Full recovery can be finished in as little as six weeks.

If you’re ready to take your body building to the next level and get competition-ready, it’s okay to admit you need help. Call Dr. Steinbrech, and you’ll be able to bulk up in the way you want, right before your competition starts up.

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