Why Do Men Get Pec Enhancements?

7 Jan 2014

Why Do Men Get Pec Enhancements?

Dr-Douglas-SteinbrechThe number of men who have gotten plastic surgery has skyrocketed in recent years. The most surprising uptick, though, was in pectoral enhancements. This procedure involves enhancing a man’s natural pectoral muscles with silicone inserts, giving them a bigger, manlier chest.

Ever wonder what makes men choose pec enhancements? Here’s what our clients have told us.

It Gives A Boost of Confidence

Men who get pec enhancements regularly claim that they feel more confident after the operation. Having enhancements means that men don’t feel ashamed of their bodies. Whether it’s the confidences to take his shirt off during swim sessions or the confidence to stand up straight in the boardroom, a man with enhancements often feels better about his world.

Fast Results

Hitting the gym takes months, or even years, to have results work out well. Pec enhancements can be used to enhance the gym results you already have, or give you gym results that you don’t have time to achieve. Simply put, it’s one of the easier ways to attain a look that is often a time-heavy endeavor – without the time or effort involved.

Most people who get this procedure see results within a week.


There are no “one size fits all” pec enhancements, primarily because no one is a “one size fits all” person. The pectoral enhancements you get will be designed with your ideal body and your physique in mind. So, if you’re looking for larger, body builder-esque pecs, that’s possible. On the same note, many men choose to get smaller, subtler pecs because it looks more natural.

Either way, it’s a body built with you in mind.

A “Stackable” Solution

The best thing about choosing to get pec enhancements is that it’s a procedure that can be done alongside many other procedures. Most commonly, men choose to get Hi-Definition LipoSculpting alongside their enhancements as a way to get a more natural-looking physique.

This means that you don’t have to worry about too many trips to the doctor, or having to deal with multiple recovery times. It’s a solution that’s easy to combine with other procedures – and therefore perfect for men on the go.

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