Male Quad Thigh Augmentation

Quad thigh augmenation can significantly enhance the look of a man’s physique. Skipping leg day isn’t always the culprit behind one’s inability to build broad, defined quadriceps muscles. Many men struggle to increase the volume of their anterior thighs. Quad augmentation is performed to change or enhance the size of a man’s anterior thigh for cosmetic (or reconstructive) purposes. This primary method, which features a silicone quadriceps implant, can also be performed with BodyBanking (fat transfer) for even greater mass. Silicone implants are custom-shaped to fit each patient, ultimately meeting their desired results.

Over his career, board-certified Dr. Steinbrech has performed countless augmentation and implant surgeries for men throughout the continental United States. He has even been named as Forbes’ go-to surgeon for men. Male Plastic Surgery uses top-quality implants from Alpha Aesthetics.

Quad (Thigh) Augmentation

How is Quad Thigh Augmentation Performed?

First, the patient will receive general anesthesia before surgery on the quads. Dr. Steinbrech will make two small, secured incisions on the rectus femoris (1 of 4 parts of the quadriceps muscle group). The silicone implant will rest on the muscle via a small pocket, ensuring a natural and fitting look. Once in position, Dr. Steinbrech and his expert staff flex the muscle in different postures to ensure both incisions can be closed confidently. Dissolvable sutures close up the site, leaving little to no scarring. Each patient is outfitted with a light dressing and compression garment to aid healing.

Thigh (quad) implants augmentation

Who is a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for quad augmentation are those looking to increase the volume of their upper thigh. This especially applies to individuals who, despite diet and exercise, cannot build muscle mass in the quadriceps.

Conversely, some patients who have experienced physical traumas may select quad augmentation for reconstructive purposes. Ideally, prospective candidates should maintain a healthy body mass and be non-smokers.

  • Those seeking greater volume in their quadriceps
  • Men with underdeveloped leg muscles
  • Individuals seeking improved self-confidence and body image
  • Patients in need of reconstructive surgery

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Get a free consultationRecovery Time

The healing process for quad augmentation may take up to 1 month. Patients will be outfitted with a compression garment to be placed around the leg until their first follow-up with Dr. Steinbrech. This garment must be worn early during the healing process for the entirety of each day – except cleaning. Within the first few weeks following surgery, each patient will attend follow-up appointments with us to ensure the recovery process is on track. Within 2 to 4 weeks, the patient will begin a light program involving exercise to ensure nearby joints are comfortable. Patients see results immediately following the surgery but will continue to heal for about four weeks.

Treatment & Consultation

Listed as Forbes’ “go-to surgeon for men,” Dr. Steinbrech specializes in quad augmentation for men from coast to coast. Please get in touch with Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to set up your consultation or speak to a patient advisor by calling (646) 480-7750.