Pectoral Augmentation for Men LA

Male Pectoral Augmentation in LA

Pectoral muscles are some of the hardest to obtain, and if you go to the gym, you’ll hear just about every man tell you that. They are a man’s pride and joy, but the problem is, most men seriously struggle with getting them. If diet and exercise have not been enough to increase your pec size, you might be a candidate for pectoral augmentation.

Are You A Candidate for Pec Augmentation

Dr. Steinbrech’s office is a leader in the field of male plastic surgery, and that includes pec augmentation. However, there are limits to who Dr. Steinbrech can help.

A great candidate or pec augmentation is a man who is:

  • In overall good health
  • Doesn’t smoke
  • Has tried to improve the look of pectorals at the gym, but hasn’t gotten results
  • Wants better-looking pectoral muscles
  • Is realistic about pec augmentation’s results

How Does Pectoral Augmentation Work?

Unlike other plastic surgeons, Dr. Steinbrech’s method uses implants to deliver a permanent, chiseled, but natural result. Each implant feels firm to the touch, making it more like muscle than typical breast implants for women. Moreover, Dr. Steinbrech personally chooses each implant during the consultation. With this procedure, Dr. Steinbrech makes a small incision in the armpit and inserts the implant. The implant gets held in place by the man’s natural pectoralis muscle tissue. He then closes the incision.

Pec Augmentation Recovery

The good news is that your pec augmentation implants will not limit you when you hit the gym.

However, you still will need to limit full activity for six weeks post-procedure. Pain medication and compression garments may be used to help alleviate swelling, discomfort, and bruising during your recovery period. Normal activity, including returning to work, can resume after a week.

Ready to Get Better Pecs?

Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic will give you the individualized care you deserve. Book a no-obligation consult by contacting our offices today.

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