Pectoral Implants for Men in Chicago

Pectoral Implants for Men in Chicago

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What Are Pectoral Implants?

Many men struggle to attain the definition, mass and proportionality that they desire for their chest muscles. Pectoral augmentation surgery provides a solution to this problem, and Dr. Steinbrech is offering his services in this regard to men in the Chicago area. With pectoral implants, the shape and size of your chest can be controlled and enhanced, allowing you to have your ideal body.

Originally, pectoral implants were designed to service the needs of bodybuilders, who struggled to sufficiently develop their chest muscles with diet and exercise. Nowadays, pectoral enhancement surgery is among the most popular cosmetic procedures for men in Chicago, from all backgrounds and body types. Through the pectoral implant procedure, Dr. Steinbrech can add a sleek, natural and balanced contour to your chest with this straightforward and quick-healing operation.

How Are Pectoral Implants Performed on Men?

Like many other cosmetic surgeries for men (including gluteal, forearm and quadricep implants), pectoral enhancement is completed through the use of silicone implants placed directly in the problem area. Unlike the implants used for female breast enhancement, male implants feel firm to the touch, like the natural muscle surrounding them. The procedure itself is rather simple: small incisions are made (usually near the patient’s armpit), the custom-made implants are inserted, and the incisions are sutured shut. The implants are designed so that they are naturally locked into place by the pectoralis muscle surrounding them. Better yet, their placement ensures that normal muscle function is left uninhibited, so patients are free to continue their normal exercise routines after recovery.

Male Poland Syndrome Before and AfterPreparation For Pectoral Implants

Patients should prepare for pectoral augmentation surgery much as they would for other cosmetic procedures. Avoid food and drink in the 24-hour period leading up to surgery. Travel home should be arranged before the operation, as the effects of anesthesia may last for hours or days. Patients will also need to prepare for soreness, mild swelling or irritation that may follow operation, although side effects of pectoral implant surgery tend to be minor.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Pectoral Implants?

Men from all backgrounds, and of all body types, may choose to undergo pectoral augmentation surgery. What these men have in common is a dissatisfaction with the appearance of their chest, whether it be with size, definition, or proportionality. Additionally, men with certain medical conditions affecting muscle development, especially Poland syndrome, may opt for pectoral implants.

Dr. Steinbrech will hold an initial meeting with prospective patients, during which he will review your prior medical history, your goals, and evaluate your overall health before determining whether pectoral implants are the right choice for you.

Pectoral Implants Are a Good Option If You:

  • Struggle to achieve your preferred size or definition of your chest muscles
  • Have asymmetrical and disproportionate pectorals
  • Are looking to improve the mass of your chest
  • Have realistic expectations regarding surgical outcomes
  • Possess overall good health

What Can I Expect From My Pectoral Implant Recovery?

Following pectoral augmentation surgery, patients can typically expect soreness, discomfort and irritation of the chest. These side effects tend to resolve within a few days, but full recovery may take up to six weeks. This means that strenuous physical activity, including exercise, should be avoided during this period. Most day-to-day activities, including the resumption of work, can be resumed within one week.

Schedule a Pectoral Implant Consultation

To learn more about pectoral implant options for men in Chicago, contact Dr. Steinbrech’s Chicago office to schedule your consultation today, or call (817) 416-8384. Dr. Steinbrech is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
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