Necklifts for Men

Necklifts for Men

Having jowls or a double chin is a quick way to appear 10 years older than you really are. In a world where men are judged by their looks, many people who just didn’t get lucky when it comes to genes end up getting called “slobby” and “lazy” because of their natural aging process.

To combat that aging issue, you might want to look into necklifts for men. A necklift is a type of facelift that has a focus on a person’s midface, neck, and chin areas. Dr. Steinbrech’s office has helped hundreds of men look their best with the right necklift procedure for them.

Is A Necklift Right for You?

Truth be told, a necklift can help improve a lot of things. Jowls, “turkey neck,” midface sagging, wrinkles, puffiness, and double chins all are things that see a world of improvement with a necklift. Even so, not all male patients should get a necklift.

The ideal male candidate for a necklift is someone who:

  • Wants to decrease signs of aging
  • May have excess loose skin or fat from weight loss that needs to be gotten rid of
  • Is in good health
  • Isn’t a smoker
  • Has some skin elasticity left
  • Remains realistic about results

How Necklifts for Men Are Done

All patients will have to have a consultation before they get a necklift with Dr. Steinbrech. After the consult, the procedure can begin. In the surgery room, Dr. Steinbrech will administer general or local anesthesia with IV sedation. He then will make incisions near the ears that will arc near your scalp. Once he’s done that, he tightens the muscles around the jawline, removes excess tissue, and closes the incision. To help promote recovery, bandages, drainage tubes, and medication will be used. Most men will be ready to go back to work within two weeks.

Get A Necklift for Yourself

Though aging happens to everyone, you really don’t need to have to live with it. To talk about necklifts for men with Dr. Steinbrech, book a no-obligation consult at his office today.



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