Necklift for Men in San Francisco

Necklifts for Men in San Francisco

The embarrassing condition is known as “turkey neck” happens to many men in San Francisco. Sagging skin around the neck and jowls is caused by a loss of skin elasticity and causes an older, more overweight appearance. Luckily, you don’t have to live with it. Sagginess in this area can be treated via a necklift by Dr. Steinbrech in his San Francisco office. Necklift surgery allows for the improvement of the jowls, the removal of excess fat, and a quick tightening of underlying muscles. This gives men a more youthful appearance.

Why Are Men Getting Necklifts in San Francisco?

Getting a necklift procedure in San Francisco is a far less invasive and also more cost-effective option than a full facelift. However, the results are similarly drastic and come with equal satisfaction rates.Most San Francisco men who have undergone this surgery look 10 to 20 years younger.

Male Necklift Surgery Can Improve:

  • Loose skin and excess wrinkling around your jaw, chin, and neck
  • Excessive fat deposits in your neck area or jawline
  • Jowls and mid-face sagging
  • Excess skin from weight loss that has yet to be removed

How Dr. Steinbrech Does A Necklift Procedure

A neck lift procedure can be performed using IV sedation or general anesthesia. Typically, necklift incisions are made around the male patient’s earlobes and then extend behind the ears. Dr. Steinbrech does his best to ensure that incisions are as hidden as possible. Once your incisions are created, the surgeon will tighten the underlying muscles, get rid of any excess fatty tissue, and then close the incision.

Recovery from Necklift Surgery

Men who are recovering from a necklift will probably experience swelling, numbness, stiffness, or mild bruising. Most male patients in San Francisco will also require bandages to facilitate healing. Dr. Steinbrech may need drainage tubes to be used to drain excess fluids. Drainage tubes will only be in you for the first-day post-operation and are gently removed the day after surgery. Most San Francisco patients are able to return to work about 12 to 14 days after the surgery was finished.

Book Your Consultation

Dr. Steinbrech is proud to be a board-certified specialist offering necklifts for men in San Francisco. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Dr. Steinbrech’s San Francisco office for details on how to schedule a consultation.



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