Necklift for Men in Miami

Necklift For Men In Miami

Saggy skin around your neck, also known as “turkey neck,” is a surefire sign of aging that often affects men. As men age, they can begin to notice a distinct loss in their skin’s elasticity, which causes loose skin and creates an older appearance. Dr. Steinbrech is a male plastic surgeon who specializes in necklifts for men in Miami.

A double chin and “turkey neck” are treatable via necklift surgeries for men in Miami. This surgery allows for the improvement of the jowls and a tightening of muscles, which gives you a toned, more youthful look.

What’s So Special About Necklifts for Men in Miami?

The necklift procedure for men in Miami is a less invasive option than a facelift; however, the results offer a similarly dramatic result. Most men claim that they look 10 to 15 years younger with a necklift.

Male Necklift Surgery Can Improve:

  • Loose skin on the chin, jaw or neck
  • Excess fat deposits in the neck area, chin, or jawline
  • Excess skin or fat left over from prior weight loss

How Is A Necklift Procedure Done?

This surgery can be done with either IV sedation or general anesthesia. Though the area where they are made can differ, most necklift incisions are made around the patient’s ear lobe and right behind the ears. This allows the incisions to be almost entirely undetectable. Once incisions are made, Dr. Steinbrech will tighten the underlying muscles. He then removes excess fat and closes the incision.

Recovery from Necklift Surgery

Post-procedure, necklift patients should expect swelling, numbness and mild bruising to occur.

Bandages will be applied during your recovery period, and in certain cases, Dr. Steinbrech may need drainage tubes to be used to drain excess fluids. The tubes will only be inserted for the first day after-surgery. Most male Miami patients can return to work around 2 weeks after the surgery happened.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re curious about male plastic surgery involving necklifts for men in Miami, call Dr. Steinbrech today.



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