Men: The Pressure to For a Better Body

24 Dec 2013

Men: The Pressure to For a Better Body

Dr-Douglas-SteinbrechThe standards for having a great body have never been higher. Though most people think this is true for women alone, men, too, have been feeling the pressure to be perfect.

Men from all across the board have been noticing a different level of expectations on the male physique. Actors are expected to be fitter. Even retail workers and executives are feeling the squeeze. A man who looks strong, healthy, and handsome is a man who will have better success in life. 

To a point, it’s understandable. The way a man looks also shows how much he cares about himself – not to mention the confidence that he has. A fit body belongs to a man who’s confident about himself. Men who are confident fare better on the job, regardless what job they’re doing.

The pressure to be unrealistically good-looking is always there. However, that doesn’t mean you should give into it, nor does that mean that working to look great is a bad thing. Rather, it’s important to learn a healthy, natural balance between that pressure and realistic expectations.


As many women have learned, there is a way to balance the pressure to be perfect with good health. Choosing to have plastic surgery is a personal decision, but the fact is, it’s something that many should consider. If the gym and dieting alone aren’t fixing the issue, consulting with a plastic surgeon could.

The pressure to be more attractive is always there, and if you’re noticing a particular issue holding you back, it’s time to be honest about what you need. This year, give yourself the love you need, and put your desire to be a better man first. You can do better, and with the right amount of help, you will do better.

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