Male Nipple Reduction Surgery in Chicago

What Is Male Nipple Reduction Surgery?

Nipple hypertrophy, a condition characterized by an enlargement in the projection and diameter of the nipple, can have a severe effect on body image and self-confidence in men. Enlarged nipples can be caused by either congenital or acquired factors, and often results in negative psychological consequences. Male nipple reduction surgery serves to reduce the diameter and height of the nipple, leading to a boost in self-confidence and allowing patients to finally be comfortable when shirtless.

How Is Male Nipple Reduction Performed?

Nipple reduction surgery is performed on men by removing part of the tissue, effectively reducing the size of the nipple. The overall operation is a very quick, very simple outpatient procedure. Male nipple reduction surgery generally takes no longer than an hour. On the day of operation, once inside Dr. Steinbrech’s Chicago office, patients will receive a local anesthetic. Incisions are made around the nipple, and any excess tissue is removed. Once this is completed, sutures will close the incision and bandages will be applied to aid in the healing process.

male nipple reduction

Preparation For Nipple Reduction Surgery

Because nipple reduction is a fast, simple and minimally invasive procedure, preparation is relatively straightforward. The patient’s medical history will be reviewed, and, in some cases, lab testing may be required. It is also important to stop taking anti-inflammatory medications, such as aspirin, because these may increase the risk of bleeding. If you are a smoker, it is recommended that you do not smoke for at least two weeks prior to operation. Always follow the directions of your doctor in preparation for any procedure—nipple reduction is no different.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Nipple Reduction Surgery?

Many men are concerned about the size, protrusion and overall appearance of their nipples. This may result in a reluctance to take your shirt off, or anxiety about your nipples being visible even when clothed. Men in the Chicago area who experience these detriments to their self-confidence may want to consider nipple reduction, as it is a simple way to boost your self-image

In your initial consultation with Dr. Steinbrech at his Chicago office, he will determine whether you make a good candidate for nipple reduction surgery.

You Are a Good Candidate For Nipple Reduction Surgery If You:

  • Have overly large, protruding nipples
  • Have experienced self-consciousness over the size of your nipple
  • Find it awkward or anxiety-inducing to remove your shirt in public
  • Are looking for a boost in self-esteem

What Can I Expect From Nipple Reduction Recovery?

Just like the procedure itself, the recovery from male nipple reduction surgery is straightforward and quick. While some pain and swelling may occur around the treatment area, this can be aided with pain-relieving medications, as specified by Dr. Steinbrech. Within a few days, most patients can resume normal activities. This includes a resumption of exercise.

Schedule a Consultation

Book your initial consultation at our offices in NYC, LA, or Chicago to learn more. During this meeting, more information about nipple reduction treatment for men will be given by Dr. Steinbrech. Dr. Steinbrech is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.