Male Model Makeover in Chicago

Male Model Makeover in Chicago

You want to look your best and get noticed. To help you get the face and opportunities you’ve always dreamed of, Dr. Steinbrech has created the Male Model Makeover® – a procedure that’s safe, non-invasive and completed in just 10 quick minutes.

What Is The Male Model Makeover®?

Dr. Steinbrech created the Male Model Makeover® as a quick and easy way to contour and chisel a man’s face. Using non-invasive facial fillers, Dr. Steinbrech adds volume in key points that add masculinity and help downplay facial flaws. The entire procedure is almost immediately visible, requires no downtime, and also takes a total of 10 minutes. The fillers last a total of 18 months, sometimes more, results may vary.

Why Get A Male Model Makeover®?

The Male Model Makeover® is a procedure that provides immediate results, is quick, and as safe as possible. It gives men a masculine face, adds proportionality, and also helps men get the youthful appearance people love to see. If you have a weak jawline or have had issues with the shape of your face, this is a good procedure to consider.

Are You A Candidate?

Though many men want to get a Male Model Makeover®, not all men are candidates. The ideal candidate will be a man who wants to have more defined facial features:

• Is in reasonably good health
• Still retains elasticity in his skin

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