Want to Look Like a Male Model?

15 Jan 2014

Want to Look Like a Male Model?

Male models are some of the most in-demand people in Hollywood, and if you are one, you already know that the competition is high. Even if you just want to look like a male model, the standards remain astronomically high for both your face and body.

Dr. Steinbrech has long been known for performing procedures that help men look like the models they want to be. Whether it’s a well done Jawline Reconstruction, a fine-tuned Pec Enhancement, or even something like Hi-Def Liposculpting, he’s been known to make it happen.

But, really, what does it take to look like a male model? 

Honestly, it depends on what you want to do and how much work you want to put in.

male model

  • If you have a weak jawline, Jawline Contouring can help you get that masculine jaw that photographers (and women) adore.
  • Injectable fillers can help enhance a man’s natural facial appearance.
  • Hi-Def Liposculpting allows you to get that picture-perfect six-pack that is just often unattainable without years at the gym.
  • Hi-Def Model Pec Enhancement gives you the manly chest that people envy.
  • Gluteal enhancements give you the fuller buttocks that fill out jeans perfectly – and get women staring.

Dr. Steinbrech believes that everyone can look like their rock star twin. The question is, do you want to look like the model version of yourself?

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